Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Hi-Dee-Ho, Cats and Kittens! It's Christmas time, and that can mean only one thing (around here): SENDING A CHRISTMAS CARD TO THE LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY! Since Day One around here The Ledge has been on the top of our list for seasons's greetings, as well as on the top of our playlists, and that's why we ask that you send him a card wishing him happy holidays!

You know, it gets lonely out in San Jose, where the Ledge calls home. There's no range to roam and no cattle to herd or anything! Plus, he doesn't have any family in the area, either. Imagine how you would feel under those circumstances.

If you would like to send Season's Greetings to The Ledge, you can do so by sending them to this address:

Norman Odam
aka The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
P.O. Box 730742
San Jose, CA 95173

Put stars all over the envelope, too! If you'd like to hear back from him, include a self addressed stamped envelope to make it easier for him. He might not necessarily write back, but in the past he's sent some pretty interesting things out to his pen pals!

We're actively working to raise enough cash to bring The Ledge to Mankato to play a show that will surely become the stuff of legend. We know he's up for it, so the more cards he gets, the more enthusiastic he'll be to play here! Thanks, everybody!

Music: The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - Dynamite

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