Monday, December 29, 2008


Hello Radio Listeners -

We apologize for the weakness of the KMSU signal right now. Gully said that our sewing machine of a transmitter died December 21st, and then our backup transmitter died on Christmas Eve. We are now running on a blender plugged in at the new building housing the new transmitter. Well, maybe it's not a blender, but that would explain all the noise you are hearing on the radio. Experts are working on it and with a little luck the new transmitter might even be up and running!! We ask for your patience - soon all will be well.

This Thursday night at 6 pm we are celebrating the New Year with Judson Fountain's Radio Dramas. The entire hour will be dedicated to a few of our old favorites, and several new ones, as well as our own personnal hommage to Judson's classic "Garbage Can From Thailand". A fun time is guaranteed by all.

And a big heads up to all music geeks - Byron Coley reviewes the 45 record with the Shuffle Function morning show radio theme on it!!! It is short but sweet, and can be found in December's WIRE magazine (of course, it's the one with pasty freakazoid Antony on the cover). A big thank you to Peter Cetera fan club president Dave of Free Form Freakout for the tip!!

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