Friday, January 23, 2009

Confessions Of A Dangerous Love Boat Addiction

When I was eight years old, the love of my life was the Head Purser for the Princess Cruise Ship. That's right, you guessed it Love Boat fans - Gopher. Fred Grandy was the actor's name, an Iowan Republican who traded in his white sailor hat for Congress and Presidential speech writing. It would be another year before Star Wars would break and Harrison Ford would become my steady crush, but until then Saturday night, 8 o'clock, was my date night.

I don't know how I stumbled across this web site, but during Wednesday's morning show I found what would have sent me into fits of Ecstasy in 1976. Have a look for yourself.

Need a closer look? I don't blame you!!

My neighborhood friends, my sisters and I would often play "Love Boat" at our friend Angie's house. It had to be at her house because I was ALWAYS Gopher, and her dad had an old Navy hat that I could wear. While my sisters and friends fought over who would be Julie, I was content to play the love of my young girl's life, Gopher. Our "play" basically consisted of everyone determining who they would be, deciding what stars would be boarding, and then checking them onto the ship. Maybe someone playing Isaac would mix some drinks (kool-aide) for us, but that was about as far as we would get. Didn't matter though, we would play this day after day after day.
I may have fallen for the cocky swagger of Han Solo a few years later, but my first love was sporting a geeky look,a sense of humor, and that awesome hat.

At the same web site I found the action figures for Julie the Cruise Director and Vicky, Captain Stubbings awkward daughter who was probably breaking child labor laws on the ship. I was never fond of Vicky, even though her character's young age was meant to appeal to my demographic, but apparently the company responsible for making these action figures didn't care for her either.

Have a look at the Julie doll.

Now compare Vicky's action figure to Julie.

AHHHHHHH.............I don't recall seeing Vicky's icky stained skirt on the show, but as I already told you, my sights were set on Gopher.

Before I go I thought I'd add this completely off topic video clip for all of you Fantasy Football players out there. I'd have rethought my draft picks if I'd seen this!! Actually, even Tim watched all of this and he is not the sporting type.

Stay Warm Everyone - Shelley

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