Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Directed by Spike Jonze

Screenplay by Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers

Music by Arcade Fire

As if these credits aren't enough to get you excited, there's the simple fact that the film they made is WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. My favorite kids book of all time, being made by some of my favorites in film and music. Watch the trailer, then put in a time off request at work. I can't wait.


Monday, March 30, 2009


Check out this BBC ad. Best. Band. EVUR!

Link originally found on boingboing.net


The new Prince CDs are awesome! If you were listening this morning, then you know that we played tracks off of them between seven and eight. Lots of great guitar and classic Prince sound. Excellent songs. Some of the best I've heard from him in years.

We've heard from a few listeners who concur. If it wasn't for the fact that it can't be picked up at your favorite local independent record store, I'd be raving about. Still, it's hard to argue with the low price. If you are uncertain about it, take the risk. It's cheap enough to jump in with both feet.



We just drew the name of the Andretti M50 Scooter winner out of the bucket, and it is:

Lydia Spoor

Congratulations Lydia!!! Thanks again to all of you who supported KMSU in the Spring Pledge Drive. Together we made history in ending the Pledge Drive after only three days, and together we make great radio.

Thanks again to John and the crew at Starr-Cycle Yamaha in North Mankato!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Shyboy Tim and I will announce the winner of the Andretti M50 Scooter on tomorrow's Shuffle Function morning show. Everyone who pledged during this historical Spring KMSU Pledge Drive got their name thrown into a bucket and has a chance to win a scooter donated to us by Starr-Cycle Yamaha in North Mankato. We want to extend a big THANK YOU to John and everyone at Starr-Cycle. You guys were a big part of the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go success. Shufflefunctioneers, be sure to extend your thanks to Starr-Cycle Yamaha!!
We will see you in the morning!! We want to put a smile on one lucky listener's face - and don't forget, THE PLEDGE DRIVE IS OVER. This next week will be businesss like usual, playing great music, taking your requests, and talking too much about zombies or bigfoot.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thanks to everybody that joined us for the ass kicking martial arts Grind Fu Cinema double bill! We'll start the next season of Grind Fu in a few months, so stay tuned to this blog for further information. There are some pretty decent double bills in the works, and we can't wait to get them going.

Thanks again to everybody that pledged during the drive. You are radio heroes.


I know I have to join Facebook. I GET IT, ALREADY! Gimme some air. Jeez.



Nothing says "The KMSU Spring Pledge Drive Is Over" better than a Bruce Lee Double Feature kids!! A special Pledge Drive edition of GRIND - FU CINEMA begins tonight at 7 p.m. at the Weicking 220 Auditorium on the campus of Minnesota State University Mankato. It is a free event, and everyone is welcome. Bring your own snacks and sodas. There is plenty of parking, just look for the yellow Grind - Fu Cinema parking signs.

I'm the new boy in town, where can I go?


Nope. I still can't believe what happened yesterday, but I do know that it couldn't have happened without the help of our MATCHING GRANT businesses. You made the MAGIC MATH happen and I want to thank you for that. I hope that everyone who reads our blog will take notice of the following businesses who helped contribute to the success of the KMSU Spring Pledge Drive, and thank them.

Together we do make great radio,

Starr-Cycle Yamaha

Joe Miller's Modern Garage (for our Haiku challenge!!)

Kato Cab

St. Peter Food Co-op and Deli

The Coffee Hag

Tune Town

Blue Bricks

Tune Town

Sugar Room Lounge

Patrick's on 3rd

Pub 500

The Hub


Hy-vee Grocery, Downtown and Hill-top

Christy's Cafe

Cactus Tattoo

Wine Cafe and The Wine Rack

The Fillin' Station

Richard's Restaurant and Pub

Jim Scheller at http://www.mankatohomesonline.com/

Once Read Bookstore

Hy-Vee Hilltop Bakery

PappaGeorge Restaurant

The Wow Zone

Angie's Kettle Corn

All American Towing

Austin's Auto Repair

B Stark and Co.

Becky's Floral and Gift Shoppe

Back To Wellness Center

Atwood Property Management

Craftwork Upholstery

A big thank you to all of you from Shyboy Tim and Shelley

Hour TWENTY FOUR of the Pledge Drive A-Go-Go

1. The Pugz - Mari in Love
2. Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
3. Modern Lovers - road runner
4. X - world's a mess /it's in my kiss
5. Fleshtones - all around the world
6. Only Ones - another girl, another planet
7. John Lennon - instant karma
8. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - New Jersey Turnpike
9. Stumpus Maximus and The Good Old Boys - please release me
10. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - what's so funny about peace love and understanding

By the end of this hour - the end of the Shuffle Function Pledge Drive A-Go-Go, Shyboy Tim and I came within shouting distance of hitting $20,000. That's just within the 24 hours of the Pledge Drive A-Go-Go folks!!! Last year we broke all records at raising $11,125 during the 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go, and as you all know, my math isn't so hot - BUT THAT IS A $9,000 INCREASE OVER LAST YEAR SHUFFLEFUNCTIONEERS!!!!!!!

It is 9 a.m. Saturday morning, I have slept like the dead for ten hours, and I still can't wrap my mind around what happened. AMAZING......... Together we do make great radio.

Next year for the marathon we will reunite The Beatles, The Talking Heads, and The Smiths
(just kidding, but it is the only thing that I can think of that could top this years Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go).

Friday, March 27, 2009


We're too tired to write. Final total was +22,000 something. We came within 560 dollars of hitting 20,000 dollars in just the marathon! You guys rule.

We'll write more once we get our act together and sleep for a couple of days. Thanks to everybody that pledged, both new and renewing members, as well as all the people that helped us survive the 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go.

Gotta go to bed!


WE ARE AT $706 WITH TEN MINUTES TO GO!! Please call us at 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or email us at shufflefunction@hotmail.com to help us complete the goal!!


It is 5:10 PM and we still need $1561 to reach our goal of raising $20,000 during the pledge drive a-go-go. That's $20,000 just during the last 24 hours! Please donate! Call us at 506-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or email us at shufflefunction@hotmail.com. Thank you!

HOUR TWENTY-THREE- 1600 to 1500

1. The Beatles - Paperback Writer
2. Smiths - Panic
3. Little Richard - Keep A Knockin'
4. David Bowie - Look Back in Anger
5. Happy Mondays - 24 Hour Party People
6. Husker Du - Eight Miles Hight
7. The Who - A Quick One (While He's Away)
8. Patti Smith - Gloria

HOUR TWENTY-TWO-1500 to 1600

1. BPA W/ David Byrne and Dizze Rascal - Toe Jam
2. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Oh Lord
3. Deerhoof - Milkman
4. DJ Paul V. - Tequila Lipgloss
5. Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
6. Flaming Lips - The W.A.N.D.
7. Soft Boys - Only the Stones Remain
8. Beach Boys - Sail On Sailor
9. Beatles - Paperback Writer (Stereo)
10. Nina Simone - Just Like a Woman
Matching Grants: $200 from Angie's Kettle Corn and $100 from All American Towing, thank you!


I have to keep this brief - we met the station wide goal of $20,000.

pat yourselves on the back people - we did this in less than 3 days. THE PLEDGE DRIVE IS OVER..............................BUT IT ISN'T.

We signed up for 24 hours people, not 22.

Gully just challenged us to reach $20,000 ourselves during the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go.

That is means we need to raise $3,700 ourselves before 6:00!!!!

Okay. I didn't come all the way from Colorado to mess around!!! Allright - let's get to work.

call 389 - 5678 or 1-800-456-7810

we've got a lot of work ahead of us!!!

HOUR TWENTY-ONE-1400 to 1500

1. Spinal Tap-Gimme Some Money
2. Shuggie Otis-Strawberry Letter 23
3. William Shatner-Rocketman
4. Bruce Springsteen-Rosalita Come Out Tonight
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds-There Goes My Beautiful World
6. The Replacements-Answering Machine
7. Flying Burrito Brothers-Hot Burrito #2
8. Pilot-Magic
9. Jim Carroll-People Who Died
MATCHING GRANTS: "Hy-Vee"=$200 and "Atwood Property Management"=$100...Fresh Produce and Fresh Real Estate! "THANK YOU"!!!!!!


I know how we are going to get to the end of this people. MAGIC MATH. All of the matching grants will get us to where we need people, but here's the catch. It isn't going to work if we don't meet the matching grants being offered.

How does it work - when you call and help us meet the matching grants you are essentially doubling your pledge. For instance, if you make a pledge for a Shuffle Function t-shirt (50 dollars) it will turn to $100 just like that. It is magic. The local businesses match your pledge, and everyone is happy.

We have enough of these matching grants to get us to the end folks. We can hit the stationwide goal of $20,000 by 6 p.m. - I know we can!!


call 389 - 5678 or 1-800-456-7810

Thank you radio heroes.

HOUR TWENTY-1300 to 1400

1. Tim Hutt-The Lottery Song
2. The Beatifics-This Year's Jessica
3. Guided By Voices-Teenage FBI
4. Grant Hart-Now That You Know Me
5. TV on the Radio-Halfway Home
6. Stark Effect-Eeples and Beneenies
7. Joan Jett-Science Fiction/Double Feature
8. George Harrison-What is Life
9. Nina Simone-Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
MATCHING GRANTS: "Richard's Restaurant & Pub"=$100 and "Wine Cafe & Wine Rack"=$50

HOUR NINETEEN-1200 to 1300 Shuffle Function Radio Roulette

1. Black Sabbath-Trashed
2. Paul Anka-Lonely Boy
3. Frankie Lane-Jezebel
4. Lawrence Welk-Bubbles in the Wine
5. Kool & The Gang-Ladies Night
6. Dave Dudley-Six Days on the Road
7. The Who-You Better You Bet
8. Sly & The Family Stone-You Can Make It If You Try
9. Journey-Any Way You Want
MATCHING GRANT: "Wow Zone"-Where the fun never ends!
A Big Delicious "Thank You" to: Noodles & Co. and Jimmy John's!!!!!!

HOUR EIGHTEEN-1100 to 1200

1. The Chemical Brothers w/The Flaming Lips-The Golden Path
2. Devo-Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy
3. Wayne County & The Electric Chairs-Thunder
4. John Cale-Russian Roulette
5. Rotary Connection-Tales of Brave Ulysses
6. Go Home Productions-Shannon Stone
7. Andrew Gold-Lonely Boy
8. Think-Once You Understand
MATCHING GRANT: "Coffee Hag"-"I give Coffee Hag my highest caffeine rating!!!! Remember, drink coffee...it's the law"!!
-Scott, Best State Trooper...ever!

HOUR SEVENTEEN-1000 to 1100

1. King Khan and The Shrines-Land of The Freak
2. Keith Moon-Don't Worry Baby
3. Kaiser Carter-Favourite Songs (Minneapolis Version)
4. The Performers-Mini Skirt
5. The Kinks-Big Sky
6. Wilco-Hand Shake Drugs
7. Jens Lekman-Black Cab
8. Velvet Underground-Satellite of Love
9. Kaiser Chiefs-Na Na Na Na Naa
10. Leonard Cohen-Everybody Knows
11. MC5-Skunk (sonically speaking)
MATCHING GRANT: "Blue Bricks" and "Sugar Room Lounge" both $100!


9 to 10am
It is getting VERY exciting around here. We have just over $4200 to go to reach the ENTIRE pledge drive total. Thank you for all of your support. Please, if you have not called already, call or email now.

1. They Might Be Giants--Man, It's so Loud in Here
2. The Zombies--This Will Be Our Years
3. Nina Simone--Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter
4. Of Montreal--Forecast Facist Future
5. Hot Chip--Over and Over
6. Ben Folds--In Between Days
7. Danielson Family--Potty Mouth
8. The Hold Steady--Your Little Hoodrat Friend
9. Bob Dylan--Like a Rolling Stone
10. Go Home Productions--A Slim McShady

And, thank you to our matching pledge sponsor for this hour--
CACTUS TATTOO. If you are thinking of getting some ink, stop by Cactus Tattoo on North Riverfront Drive. If you put the Shuffle Function logo on your body, let us know!
Special thanks to Julian for donating an amazing piece of his art, and for cleaning out his piggy bank to donate to the cause! And he's only nine! Hey, older kids! Call us with your pledges!



Where else do you get three consecutive hours of vinyl? It has to be KMSU! We have surpassed last year's total and are well on our way to the $20,000 pledge drive total. If we hit the $20,000 we will STOP the drive. We need about $5400 to meet this goal. Help us meet this goal.

Here is the playlist:

1. Little Richard--Nuki Suki
2. Dora Hall--All Shook Up
3. Rolling Stones--If You Can't Rock Me
4. Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brothers--This Guys in Love With You
5. John Cale--Fear is a Man's Best Friend
6. Richard Harris--McArthur Park

Matching Grants:

This hour we need to thank two of our wonerful supporters--

$100 from Christy's Cafe located on Belgrade Avenue. A great l0cal hangout with delicious food. Stop by and tell them thank you for supporting KMSU.

$100 from BW3--Buffalo Wild Wings located in Downtown Mankato. Go there for all of your wing needs.


7-8am, or as we like to call it, "Vinyl Hour Two"

1. Kenny Rogers and the First Edition--Just Dropped In
2. Ledge--I Walk a Hot Wind
3. The Clash--Police and Thieves
4. The Instigators--Full Circle
5. Fleshtones--Love Yourself
6. The Who--The Kids are All Right
7. Sammy Davis--Hi Heel Sneakers

During this last piece we HIT LAST YEAR'S TOTAL!! We are on a roll and are headed to the total drive total of $20,000. Way to go listeners! Also, a special thanks to all of our new members. You have stepped it up like never before and it has made a HUGE difference.

We reached our total with help from our Matching Grants. This hour's matching grants include:

Patrick's in St. Peter--a favorite hang out for many of our listeners. You never know who from KMSU will be there. Thanks for the $200!

Joe Miller's Modern Garage--thank you for the $250 haiku pledge. Be sure to scroll down to check out the haikus that were submitted to meet this pledge. Let Joe help you with your car needs. Call 345-3239.

$200 from HyVee Bakery! Thanks to Tony and HyVee for all of your support this year and for the past several years. Check out HyVee Bakery for all your bread, cookie, cupcake and cake needs!


6-7am, or as we like to call it "Vinyl Hour ONE"

1. DC3--Theme From an Imaginary Western
2. Marshall Crenshaw--Someday, Someway
3. Starland Vocal Band--Afternoon Delight
4. Burl Ives--A Little Bitty Tear
5. Prince--Place in the Sunshine
6. Feelies--Let's Go
7. Bob Dylan--Tonight I'll Be Staying Here with You

Matching Grants this hour:

$100 from The HUB--THE most amazing coffee shop located right next to the station! We HIGHLY recommend the "Jamaican Me Crazy" coffee.

$100 from Tune Town--An awesome music store that supports Independent Radio. Check them out for your music needs.

HAIKUs for Joe's Garage

We did it! We raised $250 thanks to our wonderful listeners and to Joe. Here are the Haikus for 2009's pledge drive:

1. From Elars:
Eman Elars Dub
Wednesday the first of April
Be sure to tune in

2. From Tom:
Shyboy's on Facebook
Public Radio's Power
Knows No Limits. HAH!

3. From Joan:
Love bursts through my heart
KMSU is my heart
There are no conflicts

4. From Stacy (Shelley's sister) in honor of her friend, Jeff:
I'm so far away
But KMSU brings me
Back to my sweet home

5. From Robyn:
Thanks Shuffle Function
Morning drive made bearable
Would rather sleep though

Wonderful poetry everyone! Thank you for all of the haikus--each one bringing in $50 from Joe's Garage. Thanks Joe!


We need your help - in about 15 minutes we have the biggest matching grant coming our way, and it involves haikus.

Joe at Joe Miller's Modern Garage will give KMSU $50 for haikus - up to $250 buckaaroos. All that we need is a haiku from you.

a haiku is composed of three sentences:

the first sentence is 5 syllables
the second line is 7 syllables
the third line is 5 syllables

The haiku itself has to be about KMSU and your happy thoughts regarding it

good luck!!

HOUR TWELVE-0500 to 0600

1. The Beatles-Boys (stereo)
2. Le Tigre-Hot Topic
3. New Creation-Sodom and Gomorrah
4. M.O.T.O.-Now
5. Moritz-Bohemian Rhapsody
6. David Bowie-Sound and Vision
7. The Replacements-Within Your Reach
8. The Pixies-U Mass
9. Deep Purple-Hush
10. Arcade Fire-Antichrist Television Blues
11. Quintron and Miss Pussycat-Love is Like a Blob

HOUR ELEVEN-0400 to 0500

1. Iron Butterfly-In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
2. 5,6,7,8's-Motorcycle Go-Go-Go
3. Eric Burdon and War-Spill the Wine
4. Urban Legends-The World is Strange
5. Tom Waits-Filipino Box Spring Hog
6. Bruce McCullough-Eraserhead
8. Syd Barrett-Opel
MATCHING GRANT: "The Fillin' Station"

HOUR TEN-0300 to 0400

1. Tim & Eric-Here She Comes
2. Fire Engines-Meet Whiplash
3. James Chance-Super Bad
4. Shocking Pinks-Second Hand Girl
5. Morrissey-The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
6. William Bell-You Don't Miss Your Water
7. Nina Simone-I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
8. Pere Ubu-Modern Dance
9. The Clash-Straight To Hell
10. The Western States Motel-The Restless Sea
11. Tim & Eric-Petite Feet

HOUR NINE-0200 to 0300 JANDEK: The Sounds of Insomnia

1. Down in a Mirror
2. Naked in the Afternoon
3. Nancy Sings
4. Part 6
5. God Came Between Us
6. You Painted Your Teeth
7. Crack a Smile
8. Rain in Madison
9. You Wake Up Dead Man
10. You Standing There
11. Lavender
>MATCHING GRANT: "Once Read Bookstore"

HOUR EIGHT-0100 to 0200

1. Knife for the Ladies spot
2. Joy Division-She's Lost Control
3. Johnny Cash-The Man Comes Around
4. Louvin Brothers-Satan is Real
5. The Evictors spot
6. Fuzztones-Ward 81
7. Porter Wagoner-Rubber Room
8. Horror Chamber of Blood & Gore spot
9. Howlin' Wolf-Moanin' at Midnight
10. Ronnie Isle-Wicked
11. Last House on the Left spot
12. The Flamingos-I Only Have Eyes for You
13. Jack Nitschze-The Last Race


Well Well Well ..................................

Guess what happened before the two o'clock hour ladies and gentelmen - we did it!!!!! Shyboy Tim will now use Twitter and Facebook. We hit and smashed the goal of achieving the $5,000 point by 2 a.m. Thank you listeners and a BIG thank you to sugar daddy Philip!! Ten minutes before it was too late, he made it all happen.

We will now get to find out what 80's movie Shyboy Tim is, and what color he is, or if he is a dog person or a cat person, who would he be if he were a writer, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks again you guys. I can't believe it.

I am still in a state of shock.


HOUR SEVEN-2400-0100

1. Velvet Underground-Sister Ray
2. The Plugz-Red Eye#9
3. Francoise Hardy-L'Eta Del'Amoure
4. The Cramps-Mad Daddy
5. Hasil Adkins-No More Hot Dogs
6. 13th Floor Elevators-Slip Inside This House
7. Nico-The End

Did Somebody Here Order The Jandek?

Coming up in the 2 o'clock hour we have a little something we call the SOUNDS OF INSOMNIA: The Music of Jandek. Long time Shuffle Function listeners are familiar with this mystery man, but if you are new to the world of Jandek - there are some rules of the road that we should go over.

RULE #1) Turn off the lights. This is key to getting to setting the correct tone of the evening.

RULE #2) Some Jandek fans suggest listening to him in the bathtub in a candle lit room. I haven't tried this so I can't speak from experience with this rule. Try it out. Let us know if it enhances the music at all.

RULE #3) Repeat to yourself that everything will be okay. YES, Jandek's music can be disturbing, stark, challenging - but we do know that he has social interactions. He isn't always solo - so he can't be truly frightening. Just repeat "Everything is okay" - and you'll be allright.

RULE #4) If Jandek scares you, you can call 389 - 5678. We will reassure you, and take your pledge too.

RULE #5) Whisper.

See you at 2 a.m.!!

Hour SIX Playlist


1. The Monks--Boys are Boys and Girls are Choice
2. Evolution Control Committee--Rocked by Rape
3. Kelley Stoltz--Birmingham Eccentric
4. StereoLab--Escape Pod From the World of Medical Observations
5. Buddy Rich--The Beat Goes On
6. The Heavy--My Kind of Man
7. The Suburbs--Baby Heart Beat
8. Smith--Baby, It's You
9. Heavenly States--Lost in the Light
10. Frank Zappa--Plastic People
11. Husker Du--These Important Years

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here's the super sweet scooter you could win! Call and make your pledge at 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and you will automatically be entered into the drawing to win this fabulous Andretti M50 scooter! Stay tuned to the marathon for more information.

There's a bunch of great stuff as far as swag you can get, too! Check it out!

The second collection of video oddities compiled by Mr. Specific himself for your viewing pleasure. It's still early in the series, so if you're gonna be a completist you should start collecting now! Short films, video clips, classroom educational reels... Mr. Specific spares nothing in his quest to distract you from life's more important issues. Plus, it's only 25 bucks!

Join the United Organization of Federated Affiliates League and Associated Allied Collegues Coalition Society of Radio Heroes, and look good while doing it! The new shirt comes to you in screaming greens and yellows, and is proudly emblazoned with a 45 adapter to enhance your music geek street cred. You can both look swell and support your favorite radio station at the same time! It's all about multi-tasking these days, gang.

Give us your size and we'll ship one of these suckers off to you. For realz.

This is the deal for the thrifty public radio supporter. Pledge your support to KMSU and pinching pennies? How can you resist this deal? For $65 you get the new Shuffle Function shirt AND the Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television II DVD.

Fashion and weirdness. Two words forever linked to KMSU.

We only have 10 of these available, so act fast. Ira Glass is bringing This American Life to the big screen once again this year, April 23rd @ 7 pm @ Movies 8 in Mankato. Last year's show was amazing, and Mankato even got a shout out from Ira! This is a great opportunity to see radio that is worth supporting, and how often can you say that?

David Dye and World Cafe annually release a CD of one of a kind in-studio performances from some of today's best new bands, as well as some of your all time faves. Be sure to collect them all. Fans of Echoes can also receive cds from some of the artists featured on that show.

At this pledge level a listener can sponsor an entire day of programming on the station. This is a unique way to commemorate a significant date, such as a birthday or anniversary, and makes a great graduation gift. Maybe you would like us to play one of your favorite artists during the day, or feature a favorite genre? We can do that! Throughout the day a personalized dedication will be read so that listeners will know who is responsible for keeping KMSU alive. This is a great and creative way to support KMSU and local community radio.

Join us some morning during the morning show and control the radio destiny of Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and THE WORLD! You share your music collection with the extended music geek community, and all we do is push the buttons and talk too much. You will also receive a CD copy of your show, a brand new Shuffle Function t-shirt, and the Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television II DVD. This is the most bang for your pledge drive buck, and a fun way for you to support your local free form radio station!

$100 - TO BE FREE: THE NINA SIMONE STORY (three CDs, plus DVD)

This set is unbelievable. To Be Free: The Nina Simone Story is a three CD collection of amazing Nina Simone moments, as well as featuring a large selection of previously unreleased performances. It also features a DVD of a legendary 1970 Public Television documentary that features live performances and interviews with the high priestess of of soul.

If you are new to Nina Simone's music, then this is a spectacular way to start your collection. This collection doesn't miss a beat, and it will hook you for life.

That's the swag list! Get ready to pledge starting Wednesday. And believe it or not, this is just scratching the surface. KMSU has some surprises in store for you, so brace yourself!

THE PHONE NUMBERS: 507-389-5678 OR 1-800-456-7810. SPEED DIAL!


It is snowing out and we are now drinking coffee, getting ready for the next 19 hours. Here is the playlist for 10-11pm:

1. Plastic Bertrano--CA Plane For Moi
2. Malatu Astatke--Yerkema Sew
3. A.C. Newman--Submarines of Stockholm
4. The Chamber Brothers--All Strung Out Over You
5. The Ceasars--Boo Boo Goo Goo
6. BPA with Emmy the Great--Seattle
7. Mel Smith--Pretty Plaid Skirt
8. Daniel Johnston--Ain't No Woman Gonna Make a George Jones Out of Me
9. Nic Armstrong--I Can't Stand It
10. The Monkees--What Am I Doing Hangin' Round
11. LCD Soundsystem--Jump in the Fire

May I take your pledge?

Hour FOUR: Shuffle Function Radio Roulette!


1. Sammy Davis Jr.--Time to Ride
2. Human League--Don't You Want Me
3. Strawberry Shortcake--The Hopping Song
4. Abba--S.O.S.
5. Van McCoy--The Hustle
6. Irene Cara--Flashdance (What a Feeling)
7. Boston--More Than a Feeling
8. Lily Tomlin--Mr. Veedle (Switchboard Operator)
9. Jan and Dean--Sidewalk Surfin'

We have collected $1740 in pledges including 3 matching grants. Our matching grant sponsors for this hour were:

PappaGeorge located at 1028 North Riverfront Dr. in Mankato--Thay have awesome pizza!! Tell them thank you for supporting KMSU next time you are picking up a pizza.

Kato Cab Need a ride? Call 388-7433!

Thanks for all the support!!! We are on our way to Tim becoming a Twitterer. Only $3260 to go by 2am and he will start posting on Twitter--imagine following a day in the life of Tim only 160 characters at a time!

If we do not hit the $5000 by 2am goal, we have Plan B: $5000 by noon for Tim to join facebook. Team Sister says, "Help us help Tim. We want him to be more social. Heck, even Lauren Graham is on Facebook, Tim!"


8 to 9pm Playlist:

1. Iggy and the Stooges--Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
2. Fanny Pack--Hit It
3. Tim Hutt--The Lottery
4. Rolling Stones--Can't You Hear Me Knocking?
5. Brat--Easy Heaven
6. Broken Social Scene--Major Label Debut (Fast)
7. Tom Waits--Lie to Me
8. Nina Simone--The Other Woman
9. The Kinks--Celluloid Heroes

Highlights from Hour 3:
Tim committed to starting a Facebook page if we raise $5000 by noon tomorrow. Get your pledge in NOW so you can be Tim's friend. You can send him some Shuffle Function flair, you can find out if Tim matches you on your "likeness" quiz, you can read his "25 things" all on Facebook if we reach this milestone. Help us reach this milestone.

For Hour 4:
We are going to be having a $100 matching grant. Your pledge will be matched. $5 becomes $10, $10 becomes $20, $20 becomes $40, and you are by now seeing a pattern. Make the $100 into $200.

Also, with Hour 4 comes the K-Tel Radio Roulette--or, the Coolest Hour in Radio. Nobody knows what will be played. This is TOTALLY RANDOM RADIO! Where else do you have TRR? Nowhere but KMSU.

Hour TWO Playlist


News from Team Sister: The t-shirts are almost folded (thanks to Allie!) so we really need people to call to give us something to do. If Team Sister gets bored, they organize. Shelley and Shy Boy Tim do not want us to organize anything. Please call. Or email. Or send smoke signals(or mirror signals for you Land of the Lost fans) . We are ready to take your pledge.

1. The Mighty Lemondrops--My Biggest Thrill
2. The Smiths--How Soon is Now?
3. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss--Rich Woman
4. Gito Gito Hustler--Natural Love Love Star
5. Secretary Bird--Somewhere Girls
6. Sonic Youth--Tennage Riot
7. Nick Lowe--So It Goes
8. Mugison--MugiBoogie
9. P.I.L.--Bad Life