Thursday, March 26, 2009

24 Hour Pledge Drive Has Begun--Hour ONE

Ahh...another year, another 24 hour pledge drive! Team sister have arrived and are ready to fold t-shirts and answer the phones. Thanks to all of the people that pledged during this first hour. You have gotten us off to a good start. To everyone else--call or email us with your pledge!!

6-7pm Playlist:

1. Intro/Hello to All the $ Out There
2. Ledge--Clarion Call
3. Loosing Streaks--Leaving Here
4. Black Lips--Oh Katrina!
5. Ben Folds--(Hiroshima) B-B-B-Benny Hit His Head
6. AC/DC--Problem Child
7. Nina Simone--Save Me
8. Paul Westerberg--Let the Bad Times Roll
9. Bruce McCollough--Doors
10. Black Francis--Threshold Apprehension
11. Sleater Kinney--Rollercoaster
12. Lengendary Stardust Cowboy--Paralysed

And, a special thanks to the ST PETER FOOD CO-OP for the $100 matching grant!

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