Friday, March 27, 2009

HAIKUs for Joe's Garage

We did it! We raised $250 thanks to our wonderful listeners and to Joe. Here are the Haikus for 2009's pledge drive:

1. From Elars:
Eman Elars Dub
Wednesday the first of April
Be sure to tune in

2. From Tom:
Shyboy's on Facebook
Public Radio's Power
Knows No Limits. HAH!

3. From Joan:
Love bursts through my heart
KMSU is my heart
There are no conflicts

4. From Stacy (Shelley's sister) in honor of her friend, Jeff:
I'm so far away
But KMSU brings me
Back to my sweet home

5. From Robyn:
Thanks Shuffle Function
Morning drive made bearable
Would rather sleep though

Wonderful poetry everyone! Thank you for all of the haikus--each one bringing in $50 from Joe's Garage. Thanks Joe!

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