Friday, March 27, 2009


9 to 10am
It is getting VERY exciting around here. We have just over $4200 to go to reach the ENTIRE pledge drive total. Thank you for all of your support. Please, if you have not called already, call or email now.

1. They Might Be Giants--Man, It's so Loud in Here
2. The Zombies--This Will Be Our Years
3. Nina Simone--Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter
4. Of Montreal--Forecast Facist Future
5. Hot Chip--Over and Over
6. Ben Folds--In Between Days
7. Danielson Family--Potty Mouth
8. The Hold Steady--Your Little Hoodrat Friend
9. Bob Dylan--Like a Rolling Stone
10. Go Home Productions--A Slim McShady

And, thank you to our matching pledge sponsor for this hour--
CACTUS TATTOO. If you are thinking of getting some ink, stop by Cactus Tattoo on North Riverfront Drive. If you put the Shuffle Function logo on your body, let us know!
Special thanks to Julian for donating an amazing piece of his art, and for cleaning out his piggy bank to donate to the cause! And he's only nine! Hey, older kids! Call us with your pledges!

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