Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hour TWENTY FOUR of the Pledge Drive A-Go-Go

1. The Pugz - Mari in Love
2. Dead Kennedys - Viva Las Vegas
3. Modern Lovers - road runner
4. X - world's a mess /it's in my kiss
5. Fleshtones - all around the world
6. Only Ones - another girl, another planet
7. John Lennon - instant karma
8. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - New Jersey Turnpike
9. Stumpus Maximus and The Good Old Boys - please release me
10. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - what's so funny about peace love and understanding

By the end of this hour - the end of the Shuffle Function Pledge Drive A-Go-Go, Shyboy Tim and I came within shouting distance of hitting $20,000. That's just within the 24 hours of the Pledge Drive A-Go-Go folks!!! Last year we broke all records at raising $11,125 during the 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go, and as you all know, my math isn't so hot - BUT THAT IS A $9,000 INCREASE OVER LAST YEAR SHUFFLEFUNCTIONEERS!!!!!!!

It is 9 a.m. Saturday morning, I have slept like the dead for ten hours, and I still can't wrap my mind around what happened. AMAZING......... Together we do make great radio.

Next year for the marathon we will reunite The Beatles, The Talking Heads, and The Smiths
(just kidding, but it is the only thing that I can think of that could top this years Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go).

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