Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hour TWO Playlist


News from Team Sister: The t-shirts are almost folded (thanks to Allie!) so we really need people to call to give us something to do. If Team Sister gets bored, they organize. Shelley and Shy Boy Tim do not want us to organize anything. Please call. Or email. Or send smoke signals(or mirror signals for you Land of the Lost fans) . We are ready to take your pledge.

1. The Mighty Lemondrops--My Biggest Thrill
2. The Smiths--How Soon is Now?
3. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss--Rich Woman
4. Gito Gito Hustler--Natural Love Love Star
5. Secretary Bird--Somewhere Girls
6. Sonic Youth--Tennage Riot
7. Nick Lowe--So It Goes
8. Mugison--MugiBoogie
9. P.I.L.--Bad Life

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