Sunday, April 26, 2009


APRIL 20, 2009 (1217)
1. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - I'm falling
2. The Shins - plenty is never enough
3. Georgie James - look me up
4. Mary Timony Band - sharpshooter
5. The Coathangers - stop stomp stompin'
6. Go Home Productions - Jacko under pressure
7. - sanctuary's over (butch vig mix)
8. Ledd Snoopelin - drop it like it's a whole lott
9. Go Home Productions - jet lady joe
10. Dictionaraoke - easy
11. King Khan and The Shrines - land of the freak
12. 1990's - vondel park
13. Devo - mongoloid
14. Ting Tings - great DJ
15. Meas Samoun - don dung goan gay
16. Urban Legends - the world is strange
17. Gang Of Four - natural's not in it
18. Husker Du - flexible flyer
19. Times New Viking - neighborhood #1 (tunnels)
20. World's Most Dangerous Polka Band - in heaven there is no beer

APRIL 21, 2009 (1218)
1. Badfinger - come and get it
2. Stooges - tv eye
3. Freeland - under control
4. The Roughnecks - your'e driving me insane
5. Replacements - within your reach
6. Stooges - 1969
7. The Peekers - sweet potatoes
8. Yoko Ono - talking to the universe
9. Frank Zappa - my guitar wants to kill your mamma
10. Ten Years After - I'd love to change to the world
11. The Flaming Lips - borderline
12. The Black Keys - her eyes are a blue million miles
13. Tom Waits - bottom of the world
14. Sonic Youth - pay no mind
15. Stooges - no fun
16. Beck - green light
17. Booker T - native New Yorker
18. Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul
19. Stooges - I wanna be your dog

APRIL 22, 2009 (1219)
1. Marianne Faithfull - the crane wife 3
2. Lady Sovereign - so human
3. LCD Soundsystem - too much love
4. Golden - solo (baby your love is truly)
5. Condo Fucks - watcha gonna do about it?
6. Bob Mould - life times
7. Glen Campbell - Wichita lineman
8. Ting Tings - that's not my name
9. The New Standards - love is the law
10. Rolling Stones - happy
11. Troubled Hubble - the do the build the house
12. Marvin Gaye - mercy mercy me (the ecology)
13. Tom Waits - the earth died screaming
14. Glenn Campbell - rhinestone cowboy
15. Lou Reed - perfect day
16. Pixies - gigantic
17. They Might Be Giants - I'm sick (of This American Life)

APRIL 23, 2009 (1220) Day Sponsors are Shy Dad Charlie Shy Mom Sharon and Shy Sis Cindy for Shy Boy Tim's Birthday
1. Tim sings at the age of 2
2. Daddy Dew Drop - chick a boom
3. Jim Croce - bad bad Leroy Brown
4. Elvis Presley - jailhouse rock
5. DJ Tim at ten - Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue
6. Barry Manilow - even now
7. Minnie Ripperton - lovin' u
8. Bobby Vinton - melody of love
9. Jimi Hendrix - star spangled banner
10. Beatles - paperback writer (mono)
11. Paul McCartney - live and let die
12. Simon and Garfunkel - bridge over troubled waters
13. DJ Tim at ten - Sparkletone - bop and rock
14. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - American girl
15. Replacements - I will dare
16. Rolling Stones - sway
17. Velvet Underground - rock n roll

APRIL 24, 2009 (1221)
1. Velvet Underground - who loves the sun?
2. Nina Simone - just like Tom Thumb's blues
3. Jayhawks - take me with you (when you go)
4. Ryan Adams - somehow someday
5. BPA w/David Byrne - toe jam
6. Joy Division - failures
7. Devo - gut feeling
8. Robyn Hitchcock - the cars she used to drive
9. Beatles - one after 909 (stereo? mono?)
10. Spinal Tap - all the way home
11. Beatifics - almost something there
12. Arcade Fire - (antichrist television blues)
13. Jason Anderson - July 4th, 2004
14. Public Enemy - fight the power
15. Guided By Voices - bulldog skin
16. Redd Kross - only a girl
17. Charlie Feathers - stutterin' Cindy
18. Flying Burritto Brothers - six days on the road
19. Los Straightjackets w/Cesar Rosas - dizzy miss lizzy


APRIL 13, 2009 (1212)
1. Joy Division - no love lost
2. The Decemberists - won't want for love (Margaret in Taiga)
3. Ben Lee - sing
4. Queen - your'e my best friend
5. Dragstrip - don't fear the reaper
6. The Makeup - they live by night
7. John Doe and The Sadies - stop the world and let me off
8. Lou Reed - I love you Suzanne
9. Red Shadow Economic Rock N Roll Band - understanding Marx
10. Floating Action - Marie Claire
11. The Thermals - you dissolve
12. Los Hombres - let it all hang out
13. Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs - care of cell 44
14. Marianne Faithfull - black coffee
15. The Peekers - gather it all
16. Soft Boys - queen of eyes
17. Smith - baby, it's you
18. Les Wilson - hey good lookin'

APRIL 14, 2009 (1213)
1. Wilco - I am trying to break your heart
2. Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Tom Justice, the choirboy robber, apprehended at Ace Hardware in Libertyville, Ill.
3. Ike and Tina Turner - river deep, mountain high
4. Lou Reed - satellite of love
5. Bob Dylan - most of the time
6. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood - down from Dover
7. Al Green - take me to the river
8. Bob Mould - the breach
9. Randy Newman - I think it's going to rain today
10. Daniel Johnston - I saw her standing there
11. The Kinks - Waterloo sunset
12. Frank Black - Atlantis
13. Dolly Parton - down from Dover
14. Leonard Cohen - famous blue raincoat
15. Jimmy Cliff - the harder they come
16. The Specials w/Rico - a message to you Rudy

APRIL 15, 2009 (1214)
1. Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind
2. Ramones - rockaway beach
3. Shonen Knife - I want to be sedated
4. Guitar Wolf - jet generation
5. Breeders - cannonball
6. Ramones - do you remember rock n roll radio?
7. The New Standards - I will dare
8. Fleshtones - all around the world
9. Sonic Youth - beat on the brat
10. Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker
11. U2 - breathe
12. Los Straightjackets - teen beast
13. Air - the word hurricane
14. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - are you the one I've been waiting for?
15. Eric B. and Rakim - I know you got soul
16. Soul Creations - funky jive (pt. 2)
17. Lynn Collins - think
18. Nina Simone - funkier than a mosquitoes tweeter
19. Ramones - let's dance
20. Ramones - the KKK took my baby away

APRIL 16, 2009 (1215)
1. Talking Heads - psycho killer (live)
2. The Mops - inside looking out
3. The Smiths - panic
4. Echo and The Bunnymen - the cutter
5. The Cramps - psychotic reaction
6. David Bowie - diamond dogs
7. Florence Foster Jenkins - Biassy
8. Isaac Hayes - by the time I get to Phoenix (18:40)
9. U2 - one tree hill
10. Langely School Music Project - desperado
11. Staple Singers - oh la di da

APRIL 17, 2009 (1216)
1. Neil Young - tonights the night
2. Of Montreal - psychotic feeling
3. 18th Dye - backdoor
4. Serege Gainsbourg and Brigette Bardot - the ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
5. The English Beat - wine and grind (stand down Margaret)
6. Everyday Visuals - limb for limb
7. Clash - bank robber
8. Jane's Addiction - been caught stealing
9. Latvian Radio - seven layers of self defense
10. Philemon Wehbe - hamburger
11. Deerhoof - scream team
12. Kelley Stoltz - everything begins
13. Steam - na na hey hey kiss him goodbye
14. Simon and Garfunkel - why don't you write me?
15. R.E.M. - fall on me
16. P.J. Harvey and John Parrish - 16 15 14
17. Led Zeppelin - misty mountain hop
18. Laiboch - sympathy for the devil

Friday, April 24, 2009


Thanks to everybody for all the birthday wishes. It means a lot. If you would have told me when I was a kid that turning 40 would be an awesome experience, I would have thought you were crazy. But it was, indeed, awesome. And check out the cake that Shelley made!

Thanks again, gang.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This coming Saturday, April 18th, is Record Store Day. You love music? You own music? You value the role that an independent music retailer plays in your life and your community? Then give them some love!

Swing by your favorite local independent record store and take in the joys of flipping through the new and used vinyl, CDs, and videos. Chat up their staff and exploit their music knowledge for your gain. Better yet, drop some coin and pick up that album that you would be embarassed to admit you don't already own. I'm talking to you, person that doesn't already own The Velvet Underground & Nico!

There are many independent Record Stores around the country that are taking an active role in this day, and many of them are going to be the only place you can pick up exclusive CDs, Vinyl, and DVDs that are only available through independent Record Stores. In Mankato, your local independent is Tune Town, owned and operated by Tune Town Hero (and co-host of Freeform Freakout) Carl. I know they're gonna have some super cool exclusives available on the 18th, but you're gonna have to swing by and find out what they are. It'll be worth it.

To find a participating independent record store in your area, as well as find out more information about Record Store Day and how it is being celebrated, visit


Last Friday Lydia and her husband Craig met me at Starr-Cycle Yamaha to pick up the Andretti Scooter (smiling above) that she won during the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go. Everyone who pledged during the marathon had a chance to win the scooter. Lydia was that lucky KMSU listener.

Here is a picture of John handing Lydia the keys to her new sweet ride:

Thanks again to all the folks at Starr-Cycle Yamaha for donating the scooter to KMSU. Their generosity was a big boost to the success of the Spring Pledge Drive.

Here we are being told that the scooter's oil is strawberry scented!! Can you believe it?

I want to congratulate Lydia again, and thank Craig for snapping some pictures for us to share. I also want to once again thank everyone who pledged their financial support during the amazing Spring Pledge Drive. It is truly one for the history books. As a big thank you we have a KMSU Listener Appreciation Night in the works. You are all invited to join us May 29th at the Red Sky Lounge in Mankato. The amazing New Standards are our musical guests!!!

It is a free event and all KMSU listeners, volunteers and hosts are invited to celebrate. We will have more info soon - we are so excited about this that you won't be able to shut us up!

Congratulation Lydia - let us know what you end up naming your new scooter. Here is yours truly with Lydia and the new scooter:


APRIL 6, 2009 (1207)
1. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties
2. Frank Black- calistan
3. Viva Voce - faster than a dead horse
4. P J Harvey and John Parrish - black hearted love
5. Mr. Thundder - devil tried to steal my soul
6. Pixies - velouria
7. The Thermals - I let it go
8. DataRock - fa fa fa
9. The Replacements - bastards of young
10. The Evening Rig - half asleep
11. Frank Black - sugar daddy
12. Dressy Bessy - ringalingaling
13. Pixies - debaser
14. Nick Drake - river man
15. Carl and The Country Dutchmen - Minnesota polka
16. Pixies - monkey gone to heaven
17. Frank Black - hang on to your ego
18. Frank Black - men in black
19. Frank Black - headache

APRIL 7, 2009 (208)
1. R.E.M. - toys in the attic
2. The Decks - dtc
3. The Thrills - deckchairs and cigarettes
4. Elvis Costello and The Imposters - go away
5. Aceyalone - the lonely ones
6. David Bowie - all the young dudes
7. Fleet Foxes - tiger mountain peasant song
8. The Flatlanders - Dallas
9. King Khan and The Shrines - how can I keep you out of harm's way?
10. Smiths - there is a light that never goes out
11. Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band - born to run
12. Dirtbombs - ode to a blackman
13. Imperial Teen - Ivanka
14. The New Standards - London calling
15. Marianne Faithfull - down from Dover
16. Parliament - flashlight

APRIL 8, 2009 (1209)
1. Quintron and Miss Pussycat - god of thunder
2. King Khan and The Shrines - 69 faces of love
3. Brian Jonestown Massacre - servo
4. Ted Leo and The Pharmacists - the numbered head
5. Ben Folds - learn to live with what you are
6. Beach Boys - sail on sailor
7. Bell X1 - the great defector
8. Ken Nordine - olive
9. The Cure - night like this
10. Quintron - place unknown
11. BPA w/Iggy Pop - he's frank (slight return)
12. Bright Eyes - papa was a rodeo
13. The Strange Boys - mlks
14. Neil Young - when worlds collide
15. Neil Young - light a candle
16. The Evening Rigs - girl important
17. Tom Waits - San Diego serenade
18. Johnny Cash - I still miss someone

APRIL 9, 2009 (1210)
SHY BOY TIM MASOCHISM DAY - Shy Boy Tim tries to exorcise his disappointment in The Beatles concerning the upcoming re-issues and remasters. (hint: it didn't work)
1. Beatles - helter skelter (mono)
2. Backbeat Band - rock n roll music
3. Half Japanese - no more Beatlemania
4. The Clash - 1977
5. Beatles - you never give me your money (stereo)
6. Beatles - sunking (stereo)
7. Beatles - mean Mr. Mustard (stereo)
8. Beatles - Polythene Pam (stereo)
9. Beatles - she came in through the bathroom window (stereo)
10. Beatles - golden slumber (stereo)
11. Beatles - the end (stereo)
12. Beatles - money (stereo)
13. Beatles - don't let me down (stereo)
14. John Lennon - isolation
15. IDC Remix - cold turkey
16. Half Japanese - no more Beatlemania
17. Teen Anthems - I hate Oasis and I hate The Beatles
18. Strange Boys - should have shot Paul
19. Go Home Productions - a slim McShady
20. John Lennon - nobody loves you when your'e down and out

APRIL 10, 2009 (1211)
DJ Warped aka Dr. Diamond Prodigy infinity plus one Better than Spenser
and DJ Doctor Smooth are the Program Directors for the Day
1. Pink Floyd - another brick in the wall pt.2
2. Johnny Cash - five feet high and rising
3. Bob Dylan - the times they are a changin'
4. Killers - when we were young
5. Nilsson - coconut song
6. AC/DC - back in black
7. Queen - fat bottom girls
8. Weezer - greatest man who ever lived (played by and dedicated to DJ Doctor Smooth)
9. Johnny Cash - hurt
10. Prince - chocolate box
11. Styx - Mr. Roboto
12. Led Zeppelin - immigrant song
13. White Stripes - seven nation army
14. Judas Priest - electric eye
15. Jack Johnson - the sharing song
16. Gnarls Barkley - crazy
17. Van HAlen - hot for teacher
18. Deep Purple - smoke on the water
19. Guns and Roses - paradise city
20. Metallica - the day that never comes

Friday, April 10, 2009


Several years ago while watching The Lord Of The Rings at a friends home theater I declared that Hobbits did in fact exist, back in the day. I was instantly greeted by laughter, disbelief and humiliation, but I knew that my day would come. And it did. Don't believe me?........well have a look here:

I have been warning Shuffle Function listeners for years about the inevitability of a zombie infestation, and it looks as though I am right about that as well. The following story appeared in a New Orleans newspaper:

Metairie man says stranger chewed, swallowed after taking bite out of his arm

by Michelle Hunter, The Times-Picayune
Tuesday April 07, 2009, 9:51 AM

A Metairie resident is recovering after a stranger bit a chunk of flesh out of his arm and swallowed it Saturday afternoon.

Joseph Lancellotti, 67, told authorities he did not know the suspect, later identified as Mario Vargas, 48, or why he was attacked in his front yard.

Lancellotti was gardening at his home in the 4400 block of Kawanee Avenue about 2 p.m. when he noticed a man walking toward his house, shouting angrily, the report said. Lancellotti said he couldn't understand the man because he was yelling in Spanish. But when the man got within two feet, he slugged Lancellotti in the head, the report said.

Lancellotti said he tried to defend himself with a garden rake. As the men struggled over the rake, the stranger bent over and bit Lancellotti on his right forearm, the report said. Lancellotti's flesh ripped away as he fell to the ground. The man then got on top of Lancellotti and began choking him, the report said.

It was then that neighbor Chantal Lorio, a podiatrist and director of the Wound Center at East Jefferson General Hospital, came out to check on Lancellotti. Lorio said Monday that she first thought Lancellotti was having a heart attack and the other man was trying to help him.

The stranger was still gripping Lancellotti as Lorio noticed her neighbor was lying in a pool of blood. She didn't learn what happened until she began dressing the wound -- with the stranger still clutching her neighbor's shirt.

"He said, 'He bit my arm, chewed the flesh and swallowed it in front of me, ' " Lorio recalled. She said the bite measured almost 3 by 1 1/2 inches, and was less than 1/4-inch deep.

The pair tried to calm the stranger, who never made any attempt to run away. He eventually let go of Lancellotti and walked two blocks to a parking lot, where he hovered near an empty police car, the report said. The suspect was still standing there when deputies arrived and took him into custody.

Vargas, of 724 Camp St., New Orleans, was booked with second-degree battery. He was being held Monday at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna in lieu of $25,000 bail.

Lancellotti's wife, Bonnie, 60, said Monday that her husband was recovering from the bite, physically and mentally. She said his sense of safety in his neighborhood has been shaken.

With all the bacteria involved, Lorio said a bite from a human is worse than an animal bite.

Bonnie Lancellotti also has concerns about the suspect, who apparently had been treated at East Jefferson General Hospital earlier in the day for a finger injury. Vargas was released 45 minutes before the attack, according to the incident report.

Bonnie Lancellotti wondered whether hospital staff noticed anything amiss while treating Vargas. "This person's clearly lost his sense, " she said. "I mean, what else can you say, eating people's skin?"

Keith Darcey, spokesman for the hospital, said, "We cannot comment on any individual patient because of privacy laws. But as a matter of general hospital policy, the emergency department has behavioral health nurses available to help diagnose patients who might require mental health assistance."

Don't say I didn't warn you!! If there is an upside to this story, we can be relieved in knowing that they are the slow moving kind of zombies. Apparently you can see them coming from blocks away. That is a relief. I am not a fast runner.............strike that...............I am not a runner.

Pack your bags and head for Iowa folks, they are ready for anything.



The following story appeared on CNN yesterday -

Woody Harrelson claims he mistook photographer for zombie

Zombies are everywhere.


Saturday, April 04, 2009


MARCH 30, 2009 (1202)
1. Prince - I want to be your lover
2. Bob Mould - wishing well
3. The New Standards - love is the law
4. The Replacements - sadly beautiful
5. Prince - nothing campares 2 u
6. Beatles - while my guitar gently weeps (stereo)
7. Calvin Johnson - rabbit blood
8. Prince - pop life
9. Prince - crimson and clover
10. Prince - old skool company
11. Prince - $
12. Prince - Valentina
13. Prince - feel good, feel better, feel wonderfull
14. Prince - no more candy 4 u
15. Prince - dreamer
16. Charlene - I've never been to me Ramones - Sheena was a punk

MARCH 31, 2009 (1203)
1. Haircut 100 - love plus one
2. Bill Calahan - santa maria
3. R.E.M. - gardening at night
4. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - I'm falling
5. AC/DC - problem child
6. Kraftwerk - trans european express
7. Quasi - beautiful things
8. The New Standards - I will dare
9. The New Standards - hey ya
10. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - the imposter
11. New Pornographers - don't destroy the night
12. Leslie Hall - zombie killer
13. Donovan - hurdy gurdy man
14. Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - this guy's in love with you
15. AC/DC - rocker

APRIL FOOLS DAY APRIL 1, 2009 (1204)
E-Lars, Big W, and E-Man via the phone were the program directors for the day, and the evil instigators that performed a coup and won the big PLAY THE DEAD OR NOT PLAY THE DEAD contest.

Our playlist is very spotty for the day due to the hijacking from 33 1/3 boys. It is lost to the ages, except for what happened at the end:

The Grateful Dead - china cat sunflower/I know you rider/high time (17:43)

Scroll down the blog for more info - and thanks to the 33 1/3 boys for helping us out with our April Fools Day Joke.

APRIL 2, 2009 (1205)
1. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - ain't you wealthy, ain't you wise
2. George Harrison - wah wah
3. Kasper Hauser - not of this world
4. Yo La Tengo - here comes my baby
5. Plants and Animals - aloree des bois
6. Dukes Of Stratosphere - your'e my drug
7. XTC - ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
8. The Hold Steady - Atlantic City
9. Guided By Voices - chasing Heather crazy
10. The Boy Least Likely To - saddle up
11. M.I.A. - paper planes
12. Hot Chip - over and over
13. James Brown - doin' it to death
14. Booker T - get behind the mule
15. Black Joe Lewis - big booty woman
16. Wilco - heavy metal drummer
17. Dillinger 4 - Gainesville

APRIL 3, 2009 (1206)
Day Sponsor: Gordon Aase
1. The Kinks - you really got me
2. Pete Seeger - oh how he lied
3. Leonard Cohen - waiting for a miracle
4. Richard and Linda Thompson - walking on a wire
5. The Kinks - sleepwalker
6. Leonard Cohen - bird on a wire
7. Richard Thompson - easy there, steady now
8. Pete Seeger - John Riley
9. The Kinks - she's got everything
10. Leonard Cohen - tower of song
11. Fountains Of Wayne - better things
12. Richard Thompson - keep your distance
13. The Kinks - do it again
14. Richard and Linda Thompson - wall of death
15. Leonard Cohen - anthem
16. Leonard Cohen - hallelujah

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Thanks to everybody that called and voted against The Dead. All you other guys... well, we're all special. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!


Current voting: 16 in favor of the Grateful Dead, 10 AGAINST! Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and vote against the GRATEFUL DEAD! NO DEAD ON THE SHOW! Or write to us at and say NO DEAD! NO DEAD! NO DEAD! HELP US!



Right now the voting is 13 to 8 in favor of the Grateful Dead! Please, don't let this happen! VOTE AGAINST THE DEAD! Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, or write to and vote against THE DEAD on Shuffle Function!

Above: radio insurgents with Gully, the mediator.


Two thirds of 33 1/3 have thrown us out of the studio, and are threatening to play the Grateful Dead unless you guys call and tell them to stop! Gully is up here, and he's gonna try and act like a mediator or something, but this is insane. We have managed to keep this show virtually Dead free for almost five years, and to have it all go down like this... It's horrible.

Call 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and say NO GRATEFUL DEAD!!!!!
Or write to us at