Thursday, June 04, 2009


I thought since I had a spare hour I would post the trailer for the new Beatles: Rock Band that Shyboy Tim and I have been talking about all day on the air. I (fingers crossed) hope that he won't have time to post it because he went to see one of the worst films to ever hit the big screen, Terminator: Salvation. He will then be too busy to post anything because he will be writing me a greeting card of thanks for trying to warn him off the film!!

So in case you haven't seen it yet, here is the Beatles: Rock Band trailer. It is so good that Shyboy Tim now wants to buy an X Box -

Another random link I would like to share with you comes courtesy of David Lynch. In the last few years he has become an advocate for a DIY way of making films. Now he is taking that out on the road, and interviewing random folks. Every three days he plans on sharing these interviews at his website. He calls this INTERVIEW PROJECT, but he can explain better than I ever could:

I reccomend you add it to your lists of favorites, I know I have. You can find it at the following web address:

Allright. See you in the morning.


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