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Shuffle Function turns eight years old on Thursday, and we are celebrating the occasion with a good old fashioned who dunnit'. If you are a frequent visiter to our blog you may recall reading (and listening) to this post: , concerning the origins of a record I found in a collection that was destined to hit the trash heap. As I explained earlier, this record is a complete and utter mystery, but we do know two things: it is a test pressing recorded on the Keysor - Century Records Label, and there is a date hand written on the record itself of "4-22-74". That is about it folks.

I came across this record almost three years ago, and every so often I get really obsessed with trying to figure it all out. I did so last November, when I posted the blog entry I mentioned above, which also included an audio recording of one of the songs on the album. I contacted a slew of music labels and music geeks out there on the world wide web, and all told probably one thousand people listened to the audio clip. We received alot of guesses as to who the band might be, but after some research on my part, none of them panned out. Check out this great blog entry from one of my faves, "I'm Learning To Share"
He even figured out the lyrics to the mystery track!!

On Thursday night July 2nd Shyboy Tim and I will be playing this "Mystery Album" in it's entirety for the first time. As we have mentioned on the air, usually when you find a record like this in thrift shops or record shops it is one of three things: a polka record, a home recording of someone playing or singing along to a record, or church groups. But that doesn't stop me from buying them whenever I come across one. You just never know what you might find. I went to school for Anthropology, and the summers I spent in the field doing archaelogy where some of my favorites. Why? because with every shovel full or within every pile of dirt you dig up it's possible that you just might find something!! That is exactly what happened with this "Mystery Album", beacuse it is REALLY REALLY GOOD. Whoever these guys are, they were a really solid outfit, and it seems impossible that their identities can remain unknown. Maybe when we do eventually figure it out we will all strike our heads and say "Of course!", but until that happens we need your help.

Tune in this Thursday night to hear the whole album. Tell all of your friends to tune in - and if they live outside of the KMSU listening range, remind them that they can listen on-line at If you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us. Leave a comment on the blog, or wtite us an email at I do know that this isn't an early version of the bands Chicago or Steely Dan. It is possible that they were a Midwest act, but something tells me that they weren't a local bar band kind of band. Who know if this record ever saw the light of day too. I would hate to think that this is one of only a few test pressing floating around.

Tune in Thursday night for a bona fide mystery Shuffle Functioneers, and thanks for eight amazing years of radio. I am sure that you will hear us get pretty emotional about it all of this week on the air, but truth be told, we couldn't have done any of this with out you guys. You are the best listeners that a radio show host could ever hope for!!

Be sure to check back on the blog this week - I want to get Tim to shoot some pictures of the album itself so you can have a look at it.

Thanks for helping us out -


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