Sunday, August 30, 2009


I just posted last weeks playlist, and I don't want the address of The Legendary Stardust Cowboy to get lost in the mix. It is his birthday this Saturday, and we would love it if you could drop a card, letter or postcard in the mail for him. The Ledge would love it too!! In fact if you send along a self adressed stamped envelope, you might get an interesting reply from The Ledge himself.

Here is his mailing address:

Norman Odam The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
P.O. Box 730742

San Jose, California

Thanks everybody!! You are all Radio Heroes!!

I am trying to figure out my fantasy football team this weekend because I have my draft coming up on Thursday and this is my only opportunity to snoop around the NFL for players. I am enjoying it, but I find my mind wanders while I am on the on-lines. Here are some clips of interest I think you may enjoy:

I saw a link to this trailer somewhere and that's all it took - I was hooked!! I have watched the first season and it is amazing. UFO is the brain child of Gerry Anderson, perhaps best known for his THUNDERBIRDS series. I highly reccomend you check it out for yourself: it's a wonderfull combination of mod, camp, Sci-Fi, and cheese.

This next clip is by no means an advertisement for the game. I am merely pointing out some more super cool exposure time for our favorite DIY musician Daniel Johnston. Kudos to whomever designed the game, because they stuck a "Hi. How Are You?" Daniel Johnston t-shirt on Curt Cobain.

Since joining the 21st Century, I have been loving my iTouch. I had a million reasons (excuses) for not buying it, but over the past month I have found one reason and one reason alone to justify shilling out some hard earned cash for such a high tech toy - I can listen to Mischke's daily podcast. I have mentioned this cat on the blog before. He is a talk radio host formerly on KSTP till they gave him the boot. He is now working for City Pages and does a two hour show Monday thru Friday on the world wide web called In The Stream. It is radio at it's best, and I have not missed a show since getting my iTouch. You can download the show for free on iTunes, or if you prefer a link, follow this:

And for a finale. I haven't had television for about 4 months, but with football season coming on fast I have been considering the merits of TV. This recent news has now made that choice a no brainer. let's just hope this is for real!!

Well that's it for me - time to get back to fantasy football draft cheat sheets. At least I have a name for my team now. What do you think of this? SEVERAL BOYS AND HIS ROBOT.


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