Monday, August 03, 2009


This Thursday night Shyboy Tim and I kick off another Pop Music Pajama Party season. This tradition goes back to almost our radio infancy, for we started doing it every August after having been on the air for only a few months. What began small has now become an epic undertaking on our part - what with the writing of the radio dramas, finding and recording the Shuffle Function Wrecking Crew, and then hours and hours of editing. We normally begin working on them months in advance of August, but this year things are a little different. Due to life's tendency to sometimes jump up and kick you in the keister, Tim and I didn't have the necessary free time to dedicate to the work detailed above for the radio drama portion of the Pop Music Pajama Parties. We are sorry it things turned out this way, but life really gave us no alternative. We did not want to totally throw the PMPJ tradition out the window though, we will still be dedicating every Thursday night this month to the music of a few of our favorite artists. Next year, knock on wood, things will be different and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

What do we have in store for you this year? Tune in every Thursday Night at 6 p.m. for the following shows:

Other people playing other people's music. This year has seen teh release ofseveral amazing covers compilations, so we will be borrowing heavily from them as well as playing some personal faves.

AUGUST 13, 2009 - The music of FRANCOISE HARDY.
Not only should you try to catch this show to hear me butcher the language of the French, but honestly she is an important singer who probably gets little to no air time. Check out the following clip, and fall in love with everything French!!

SHYBOY ADDS: Here's another clip of Francoise looking impossibly gorgeous and unattainable. I'm just saying.

AUGUST 20, 2009 - The music of SONIC YOUTH.
My guess is that these guys need no introduction, but just in case you have been in a cave for the last 30 years I have a video that will help clear things up for you. This was difficult to track down, and perhaps a bit gory, but it was one of the coolest videos I ever saw MTV play back when they did play music videos. This is Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch recreating a certain family named Manson for their song "Death Valley '69".

Death Valley 69

AUGUST 27, 2009 - The music of THE KINKS.
You know the Kinks, even if you think you don't. If you hae ever seen a Wes Anderson film, then you have heard The Kinks. If you have ever sang the words "La La La La Lola", then you know The Kinks. Their discography is vast, and to be fair we should have dedicated the entire Pop Music Pajama Party season to them alone, but we will do our best with the hour we have.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman, the official lineup for the 2009 Season of Pop Music Pajama Parties.

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