Monday, September 07, 2009


I love The Beatles. Love them. They loom large in my legend. Virtually everthing about my taste in music can be traced back to that day in my childhood when I found a 45 of Paperback Writer at an antique show. I put it on the turntable and was knocked on my ass. Turning to my family, I exclaimed "THIS IS THE MUSIC I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!"

The clip above is one that I clipped out of the newspaper my senior year in high school. Yes, I have carried this clipping about The Beatles and Stones CD releases around in my wallet since high school, because that's how much of a geek I am.

So here we are... 2009. 22 years later. I've purchased all their LPs and all their CDs, and now this Wednesday they are reissuing all their CDs completely remastered. I will be buying The Beatles albums for AT LEAST the third time. While I'm excited about the prospect of hearing their music fully remixed and sounding as close to the master tapes as possible, I'm also kind of pissed.

I'm not pissed about the music. The music is timeless. I'm just annoyed that I am buying these albums AGAIN, and the band isn't going out of their way to pack these things with content. Sure, there's some short films on each disc about the making of each album, but this is all info that is on public record. They could do something like add an additional disc of alternate versions and demos and stuff. Really play up the historic nature of these recordings, so that the diehards get as much value out of these re-releases as the folks that are buying them for the first time.

But no.

So this Wednesday we're gonna be playing the remasters on the show. Beyond that, there's sure to be more than two cents spewing from my mouth about these releases. It'll be the full spectrum of conflicted Beatles adoration from six to eight in the morning, right here on 89.7 The Maverick. Bring your wallet.


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