Saturday, October 31, 2009

To quote The Shaggs, "It's Halloween"

A full month of blogging Halloween posts, and I am finally getting around to something I've wanted to talk about since October 1st - blood, or more precisely how to make the best fake blood you've ever seen. If this were a sick and twisted Martha Stewart feature, I would call it FAKE BLOOD 101.

Arguably the best blood maker in the business has to be H.G. Lewis, the "Godfather of Gore". Last year's final Grind-Fu Cinema we were pleased to present his Blood Trilogy, which illustrated the work of the master. Shyboy Tim could definitely add more to this conversation, but he has mentioned on the air before that H.G. Lewis actually got a patent on his fake blood formula. That is how good it was. If you watch one of his films, let's say Blood Feast, you can see that he had plenty of opportunities to hone is blood making techniques.

I too have had a chance to work with a very cheap and affordable fake blood formula on a regular basis. Many of you know that my real job that supports my radio habit is that of a baker. I make lots and lots and lots of cake, and that is how I discovered this fake blood masterpiece. Drum roll is


ohhhhhhhhhh - doesn't it look cute? All red and tasty chocolatey? Why it's adorable!!!!



Step 1) Buy some Red Velvet Cake Mix. Thanks to films like 'Steel Magnolias', it is not difficult to find on the shelves at your grocery store.

Step 2) Grab a bowl.

Step 3) Add a few cups of mix to the bowl.

Step 4) Add water.

Step 5) Whisk together. If it appears to be "runny", simply add more mix until you
find the right bllod like consistency you seek.

Step 6) It is ready to apply. It will look kinda rusty in color initially, but as
the air hits it, it will become crimsony bloody beautiful.

Step 7) have responsible fun with this!!

You will have an opportunity to see Red Velvet Cake tonight at Grind-Fu Cinema. See you there!!

That's it for the Halloween Blog Posts!!


Friday, October 30, 2009


The day before Halloween, and my second to last holiday post. I hope you had a chance to catch The Purple Knif Show with Lux Interior of The Cramps this morning. I can never have enough Hernando's Hideaway!! Last nights Shuffle Function Radio Roulette was also happily painless in it's run. Probably the lowest point was when the Hooked On Rock Classics album was picked. It was a good two minutes into that song before I recognized anything resembling The Beatle's "Get Back".

This was the first Shuffle Function Radio Roulette that we have done with the new tower and we are pretty pleased with the outcome. Before taping the show Shyboy Tim and I went out to the tower and made our offerings to the Radio Gods.

Being that the playlist is entirely up to fate, I knew that we had to have some pretty precious gifts, so note the Velvet Underground cassette tape. We aren't messing around with this folks!! After experiencing several horrific Radio Roulettes, we are going to do our best to build some good mojo.

This weekend I hope to do an extended post on Shuffle Function Radio Roulette while watching the Vikings trounce the Packers, so check back for that. On the show this morning Shyboy Tim mentioned a new Shining parody commercial he'd seen last night during 30 Rock. He is right - it is brilliant!! See for yourself below:

The other thing that tickled our fancy this morning is watching the Left For Dead 2 trailers. Here are a few sneak peeks - it comes out in 18 days!!!

here is a longer look:

We will see you all tomorrow at Grind-Fu Cinema!! I forgot to include the map to the location, so in case you are thinking "I'M THE NEW KID IN TOWN, WHERE CAN I GO?"

We will see you there!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not tomorrow but the day after, IT'S HALLOWEEN!!! Post #29

uh, yeah that's Phil Spector.

Thanks for tuning in to Shuffle Function Radio Roulette folks. As you can hear, the Radio Gods looked kindly upon us and our offering to them. Tomorrow morning we will be playing the 'Purple Knif' show recorded by Lux Interior from The Cramps. It is a radio show he recorded in the early 80's in which he dives into his personnal 45 record collection and pulls out all the old school radio DJ tricks. It is a lot of fun, so tune in from 6 to 8 a.m.

And Halloween night we have the final Grind-Fu Cinema of the season with two amazing zombie films!

We hope you can join us for this free event, the first film begins at 7 pm and during intermission there will be cake and candy. Feel free to come in your Halloween costume too!!

And now for some creepy with a big C. It needs no explanation, but after watching this video I want to start up a choir of my own.

Here is the trailer for the movie that started my fear of ventriloquist dummies:

and here is the clip for Shyboy Tim's favorite film with a ventriloquist dummy:

Now there's a double bill for ya! oh - and by the way another foot washed up on the shores of British Columbia. That makes #7.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If I had TONS of money..........Halloween Blog Post #28

After sharing the link to with you and falling in love with the vintage Spook Show posters they shared, I thought of a number of Halloween items I'd like to collect. The only problem is I'm not a millionaire. Thank goodness for the on-lines. I can go to some web sites and drool and dream.............................................

The first thing I would drop some major coinage on is Monster Trading Cards. when I was younger I collected Star Wars Trading Cards, and I still have probably 250 of them. If I had been a kid in the early sixties, these would have been my target of choice.

There is a great web site that shares samples of a number of the card series from 1959 to 1969. You can find them here:

Another item I would love to collect if money was no objective AND I had plenty of displsy and storage space, is Halloween related board games. I do have the Vincent Price Hang Man game that I picked up for a quarter at the thrift shop, but one game does not a collection make.

I suppose if I had enough money to collect these things, I would have enough cashola left over to build a loft to display everything!! Last of all I would love to collect and own all of the Crestwood Monster Books that have been made over the years.

These are truly where my love of all things began, because it was not long after I started checking these orange books out at my school library that I started watching Ghost Busters (see one of my first blog entries!!) and reading Universal Monster and Sci-Fi Starlog type magazines at my Dad's Osco Drug. This all happened when I was living in Indiana, and it wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered they all came from Mankato, Minnesota!!! I was ten years old when my parents told me we were moving to Minnesota. I was devestated but they told me I could see the Twins and the Vikings. What they should have told me was I'd be living in the same town that my beloved orange Monster Books came from!!!

There have been a number of great blog posts about these series, and they have changed and adapted many many times over the years. Of course, being the completist that I am, I would want to collect them all. Follow these links to some great blog posts:

I have to stop here, it is almost midnight....................... See you tomorrow for another post and SHUFFLE FUNCTION RADIO ROULETTE!!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Post #27 - Halloween is just Three Little Piggies Away!!


# 1) She lives in Iowa. Iowa is where we will all turn to when the sh*t hits the fan!!

#2) She clearly knows where to shoot a zombie - in the brains!!!

#3) We will look good in our bedazzled capes as we wipe out our zombie foes!!

I plan on playing all Halloween music in the morning, and I will definitely play the song below. Shyboy Tim gave me this very special 45 record several years ago, and we have been laughing and loving this song ever since. She even did an amazing station i.d. for the show. Leslie Hall is for real people, and I would be honored to have her on my zombie fighting team!!

Here is her amazing video for Zombie Killer featuring Elvira. HINT HINT: American Movie fans be sure to look for some familiar zombie faces about 1:30 minutes in!!



Monday, October 26, 2009


We have your calender filled for the end of the week with Halloween Celebrations, beginning with Thursday night at 6pm with Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. We leave our playlist entirely in the hands of the Radio Gods and explore the wonderfully horrific world of K-Tel Records.

I have almost 500 K-Tel records that we assign a number to. We then draw numbers from our magic hat to determine which record to play. And then, since there is a Side A and a Side B, we flip a quarter to see which side to play. Tim then rolls his ten-sided dice to see which track to play. We have no control over the playlist - it is entirely random - and that is what scares the crap out of us!! It could be the best hour ever or devestating, we never know, so be sure to tune in for the carnage or the brilliance of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. 6 p.m. this Thursday night on Shuffle Function.

This Friday morning we then celebrate Halloween with Lux Interior of The Cramps and his 1984 radio show called 'The Purple Knif Show'. This has become our morning show Halloween tradition, and a chance to hear Lux Interior play music from his own record collection. As a listener pointed out to us the first year we played this record, we are essentially playing records of someone playing records! Join us for two hours of music that informed The Cramps and will definitely put you in the Halloween mood.


We have a great double feature for you this Halloween night, and it is all free. The movies start at 7pm, and feel free to wear your trick or treat costumes. We will have candy for everyone to load up on, as well as CAKE!!! Here is a flashback to last years Grind-Fu Cinema:

And before I log off, your Halloween Post for the day. Tim just shared with me an amazing website of vintage Halloween Collectibles at . You can spend a long time on this web site, but a few stand outs for me are their collection of Spook Show Posters (something else for me to dream about collecting), vintage Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags, and vintage Poison Labels. Beautiful collections!!

And we also mentioned Mr. Show on the morning show today. Here is a Halloween clip from Mr. Show about monster parties: fact or fiction?

See you in the morning with another Halloween Blog Post.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

HALLOWEEN #25 - almost there!!

I first heard of today's blog post subject from Shyboy Tim, and I didn't believe him. He told me that Kiss was on a Paul Lynde TV special. Well not only does Shyboy Tim know who sang what Beatles song, he also knows his obscuro TV. This is almost on par with the wonderfully horrific Star Wars Christmas Special - it is the Paul Lynde Halloween Special!! It is a who's who of bit players of the 70's, including one of my faves, Tim Conway.

Here it is in six parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6




OCTOBER 19, 2009 (1346)
1. Buck Owens - it's a monsters holiday
2. Elvis Costello - pony street
3. Rubik - karhu jun assa
4. Toru and Fujima - God only knows
5. Matthew Sweet - girlfriend
6. Judson Fountain - Captain Hale
7. Flaming Lips - convinced of the hex
8. David Bowie - scary monsters and super freaks
9. Brian Jonestown Massacre - oh lord
10. King Khan and The Shrines - land of the freak
11. Beatles - some other guy (mono)
12. The Heavenly States - lost in the light
13. Cibbo Matto - know your chicken
14. Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker
15. Stooges - I wanna be your dog

October 20, 2009 (1347)
1. XTC - life begins at the hop
2. Big Star - oh my soul
3. The Lyres - I wanna help you Ann
4. National Fuel Gas Distribution Company - rappin' with gas
5. Half Japanese - firecracker
6. The Clash - Janie Jones
7. The Cramps - Pappa Satan sang Louie
8. Paul Westerberg - dangerous boys
9. Morrissey - we hate it when our friends become successfull
10. Ben Kweller - I need you back
11. Judson Fountain - garbage can from Thailand
12. The Shins - pressed in a book
13. The Soviettes - land of clear blue radio
14. Jimmy - you suck like an abalone

OCTOBER 21, 2009 (1348)
Lux Interior's Birthday
1. The Cramps - goo goo muck
2. John Lee Hooker - boom boom boom
3. Times New Viking - no time no hype
4. Sea Wolf - dew in the grass
5. Go Home Productions - God save Madonna
6. DJ Spooky - dazed and confused dub
7. Guitar Wolf - jet generation
8. The Cramps - new kind of kick
9. Caroline's girlfriend - kiss
10. T Rex - jeepster
11. The Cramps - she said
12. Booker T and The MG's - green onion
13. The Cramps - mad daddy
14. X - soul kitchen
15. Camper Van Beethoven - take the skinheads bowling
16. Pizzicato 5 - twiggy twiggy
17. The Fleshtones - love yourself

OCTOBER 22, 2009 (1349)
1. Pixies - number 13 baby
2. David Byrne and Brian Eno - life is long
3. Laura Marling - tap at my window
4. Elvis Costello - I dreamed of my old lover
5. Robin Kahn - you make me feel like a natural woman
6. Vivian Girls - double vision
7. Deadbolt - Billy's dead
8. Tracy Jordan - werewolf bar mitzvah
9. Judson Fountain - old woman of haunted house
10. Beatles - rain (mono, vinyl 45)
11. Leslie Hall - zombie killer Chastity Pariah mix
12. Chubby Checker - doin' the zombie
13. Radies Man - honkey tonkey woman

OCTOBER 23, 2009 (1350)
POLKA TIL YOU PUKE w/ Ambrose Kodet on Concertina and Maude Luskey Super Polka Fan

1. Marc Frana Band - paloma blanca polka
2. WLK Festival - hoop dee doo
3. Leon Helgut Band - red headed ploka
4. Don Klossner Band - knock three times
5. Ambrose - let's have a party
6. Novotony Brothers - Montgomery Minnesota Polka
7. Concertina Capers + 3 - Czech musician polka
8. Gary Kuchenbecker - ha ha ho ho polka
9. Christy Hengel - jolly musicians
10. Frankie Yankovic - in heaven there is no beer
11. Swiss Girls - out behind the barn
12. Ambrose - the green is green
13. John Check and The Wisconsin Dutchmen - shake rattle and roll
14. Chmieski Bros. - eieio polka
15. Pater and Paul and Bob and Clansy - no beer today
16. Jerry Dostal - she's too fat for me polka
17. Don Klossner Band - for the good times
18. Marv Nisser - rollercoaster polka
19. Ambrose - New Ulm polka
20. Frankie Yankovic - do re me polka
21. The Polka Beats - let the sunshine in
22. Larry's Concertina Band - beer barrell polka
23. Ambrose - dance dance dance
24. Marv Nissel - the old grey mare
25. Karl and The Country Dutchmen - little Willie
26. The Bradleys w/Wally Pickle - New York New York
27. Ambrose - tinker polka
28. Ambrose - child like a rose


OCTOBER 12, 2009 (1341) Bob Moulds Birthday
1. Sam and Dave - hold on, I'm coming
2. Husker Du - turn it around
3. The Fall - Victoria
4. B52's - song for a future generation
5. Bob Mould - missing you
6. No Age - your'e a target
7. The New Pornographers - all of the things that go
8. Husker Du - divide and conquer
9. Nouvelle Vague - I melt with you
10. Dead Man's Bones - my body's a zombie for you
11. Sugar - the slim
12. Times New Viking - no time no hope
13. The Heavy - oh no not you again
14. Husker Du - standing in the rain
15. Husker Du - makes no sense at all
16. Sugar - gee angel
17. Husker Du - could you be the one?
18. Sugar - your favorite thing

OCTOBER 13, 2009 (1342)
1. The Shaggs - it's Halloween
2. The Who - my generation
3. Mission Of Burma - ssu83
4. The Ramones - do you wanna dance
5. Stereolab - the free design
6. The Zombies - care of cell 44
7. The Fleshtones - I was a teenage zombie
8. Queen - don't stop me now
9. Roky Erickson - I walked with a zombie
10. The Cramps - surfin' dead
11. The Five Americans - slippin' and slidin'
12. Nico - evening of light
13. Nico - the end
14. Nico - afraid
15. The Black Hollies - run with me run
16. The Black Hollies - gloomy Monday morning
17. The Clash - guns of Brixton
18. James Husband - no no baby
19. Bob Dylan - 2 x 2

OCTOBER 14, 2009 (1343)
1. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - get ready for love
2. Talking Heads - psycho killer
3. The Black Kids - I'm not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you
4. Gordon Thomas - shower song
5. Judson Fountain - the garbage can from Thailand
6. Pixies - wave of mutilation (UK surf)
7. National Gas Distribution Company - rappin' with gas
8. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy - standing in a trashcan (thinking about you)
9. Yo La Tengo - periodically double or triple
10. Judson Fountain - Granny sing no more
11. Tom Waits - big in Japan
12. Toru and Kojima - God only knows

OCTOBER 15, 2009 (1344)
1. The Frantics - werewolf
2. Nina Simone - here comes the sun
3. Kurt Vile - monkey
4. Fanfarlo - luna
5. Robin Kahn - you make me feel like a natural woman
6. Grace Basement - there he goes
7. Beatles - hey bulldog (stereo)
8. Velvet Underground - all tomorrow's parties
9. R.E.M. - near wild heaven
10. The Cramps - TV set
11. Jimmy - you suck like an abalone
12. Devo - mongoloid
13. David Bowie - TVC15
14. The Ramones - do you remember rock n roll radio?

OCTOBER 16, 2009 (1345)
1. Soft Boys - there's nobody like you
2. LCD Soundsystem - daft punk is playing in my house
3. Nancy Dupree - James Brown
4. Salm Chalpin - dominique
5. Rolling Stones - all down the line
6. John Cale - perfect
7. Nico - I'll keep it with mine
8. Wilco - handshake drugs
9. The Lemonheads - it's a shame about Ray
10. Judson Fountain - dark dark dark
11. Grace Basement - these days
12. Les Wilson - tonight we love

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is just making it in under the wire, but I cannot get enough sleep in my life right now. Don't forget that Grind-Fu Cinema is now just one week away. Two amazing zombie films completely free. Bring your own sodas, snacks and friends and we will provide the cake!! 7 p.m. October 31st at Weicking 220 Auditorium.

Shyboy Tim broke out the 30 Rock classic of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah on last week's morning show. After listening to the complete song I had to see if there was a video for it, and there is................kind of.

Here is the way to short teaser clip from 30 Rock itself:

And here is the rest that I found:

Thanks again to all the radio heroes who pledged to KMSU - YOU CAN STILL MAKE A PLEDGE. SCROLL ON DOWN TO THE SWAG LIST AND THEN CALL THE STATION AT 3989-5678 OR EMAIL US AT


Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Post #23

First I want to thank our Polka Til You Puke participants Ambrose and Maude for a wonderful morning of polkas and pledges. And a big thank you to all of you radio heroes who called in to support KMSU. KEEP THE PLEDGES COMING. The Fall Pledge Drive ends officially Sunday night. So call, or email your financial contributions to KMSU.

I seem to be sharing all of my childhood nightmares with you this week, which means that I need to include this video. I have spoken of this on the show, it is the video of "Nowhere Man" from The Beatles film 'Yellow Submarine'. It was not only the graphics of Nowhere Man that kind of creeped me out, but the simple idea of him.

A few years back we did a show with Daniel Johnston where we discussed all things Beatles and played Daniel's favorites. I mentioned to him my fear of this song and video, and he wisely suggested I look at it in a different way. I took that to heart, but still couldn't get over my discomfort at the idea of Nowhere Man. It wasn't until the Stereo Box Set Re-issues came out last month, and I came across the song that I finally got it.

Stay tuned for more Halloween posts and a big Week O' HAlloween next week.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


There are only two days left for Shuffle Function to desperately beg for your donations to KMSU! Act now, or you'll miss out on Zombie Survival Kits, Finders Keepers 7, and Judson Fountain magic!

Don't forget that you can pledge to KMSU all day long, as well as through the weekend! Just because we're not on the air doesn't mean the pledges have to stop! He're's information on how you can do that!

1) Call us at 389 - 5678 or 1 - 800 - 456 - 7810. If you are calling at a crazy hour when nobody is at the station, or if you don't get an answer, please leave your name and phone number and Jim "Gully" Gullickson will get back to you a.s.a.p.

2) Pledge on-line at the kmsu website at The website is sporting a new look, and it is very easy to make your safe and confidential pledge from there. Just look for the big yellow button on the home page that says "DONATE TO KMSU TODAY" and click on it. It will take you to where you need to go.

3) Send us an email at with your name, mailing address, phone number and swag interest, and Shyboy Tim and I will do the rest.


$25 Pledge to KMSU - Finders Keepers CD!
Shuffle Function artisans have been busy at work compiling tunes guaranteed to get your party started right and clear the room at the end of said party. This is the seventh in the series of Finders Keepers, so heads up completists!!! it is time to grab the next compilation.

$50 Pledge to KMSU - Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kit!
Shuffle Function artisans have been hard at work on this one Radio Heroes. Available for the first time is the SHUFFLE FUNCTION ZOMBIE SURVIVAL KIT. Designed with the idea of keeping our KMSU radio listener fan base alive in the case of a zombie attack, this portable kit contains all of the nonlethal items you will require to survive the hordes of undead.

$50 Pledge to KMSU - a new KMSU t-shirt!
It is white and has the new KMSU logo with the tower on the front and says "Together We Make Great Radio" on the back. Wear your station with pride and be the first kid on your block to own the t-shirt.

$65 Pledge to KMSU - This American Life CD Package!
When the financial world began to reel, some of the best coverage of the crisis actually occurred on a show that is pretty up front about the fact that they are really just interested in telling a good story, This American Life with Ira Glass. We are pleased to offer this 4 CD collection of shows that aired during the meltdown, and I highly recommend them. They are honestly the best description I have heard about what really happened and why it happened that I have heard. And don't forget - when you make a pledge for this type of item, it also tells us that you are supporting This American Life on KMSU.

$100 Pledge to KMSU - Program Director For A Day!
When you were a kid did you also grow up dreaming of being on the radio and playing your favorite records and songs? Shyboy Tim lives out that dream every morning on KMSU, and you can too!! This is our thriftiest Swag Package available because when you become a Program Director For A Day you will receive the new Finders Keepers CD, a new KMSU t-shirt, and YOU GET TO JOIN US ON THE MORNING SHOW AND CONTROL THE RADIO AIRWAVES WITH YOUR OWN MUSIC COLLECTION. Oh - and if that hasn't already knocked your socks off, YOU GET A CD COPY OF YOUR TWO HOURS OF RADIO INFAMY. We really enjoy getting to meet our listeners, and having an opportunity to geek out with you on the air, so be sure to act fast because we have a limited number of PD4Day slots available.


$100 Pledge to KMSU - KMSU Day Sponsor!
If you are too shy to do a Program Director For A Day, then why not be a day sponsor? You can still pick out a ton of music for the station to play on your special day, and we will also be sure to acknowledge your support with any personal messages or thoughts you'd like us to say. Or maybe you would like us to celebrate a birthday (or maybe a favorite musicians birthday?), anniversary, or graduation on the air with some special tunes for that special someone. A Day Sponsor would also make a wonderful Christmas gift!!

and now a drum roll please....

$100 Pledge to KMSU - The Shuffle Function Zombie Free Music Geek Utopia Kit!

In addition to the SHUFFLE FUNCTION ZOMBIE FREE MUSIC GEEK UTOPIA KIT you will receive the amazing collection of recordings from one of our favorite artists on the show, Judson Fountain. He is the undeniable King of Radio "Drammers" (that's dramas for the uninitiated) and is PERFECT for the Halloween season. many refer to him as the Ed Wood of radio dramas, and if you have ever heard his rendition of "Garbage Can From Thailand" then you know exactly what that means. Shyboy Tim and I are jumping for joy at the chance to offer you this two CD package of 'Completely In The Dark: Tales of Mystery and Suspense by Judson Fountain' and 'Dark Dark Dark Tales and Other Dark Tales: Radio Dramas by Judson Fountain'.

I was this close to getting my Halloween post in for yesterday.....

Sorry about the skipped day folks, but I think I can make it up to you with this post today. I just shared with you one of the scariest things I saw as a child (scroll down for the Bigfoot "In Search Of" episode), and I want to share another one. Walt Disney had the wonderful tradition of playing The Legend Of Sleepy Hallow every October. Other than the Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin, that was about it for spooky kids show.

Oh - when we watched this growing up, it always came on after Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. So in keeping with my childhood memories I feel obliged to at least show the opening sequence of that show before we get into the Headless Horseman.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:



Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The answer: THIS BLOG!!

Here is a quick Halloween treat for you featuring the song parody stylings of Michael McDonald.

And don't forget - this Friday from 6 to 8 a.m. it's Polka Til You Puke on Shuffle Function!!

Tune in for live polka music and grab your dancing shoes for one of our favorite mornig shows of the year.



The Fall Pledge Drive is at the halfway point, and we're also about halfway to meeting our total dollar goal for the station! This is the part, however, where it gets tough. Many of the people that already know how important it is to donate to KMSU have done so already. Some have even donated TWICE. We thank you guys for taking that step and helping us get off to a great start.

Right now we're trying to get to the remaining few that have not yet taken that first step towards donating. Maybe you haven't given because you donated during the Spring during the 24 Hour Marathon, and you've already made your yearly contribution. To those of you that did so, let me just say thanks again. The Spring drive was the biggest drive we've had since Shuffle Function started eight years ago.

Maybe you're a person that listens throughout the day assuming that pledge drives are just something we do, and that they aren't important to the survival of KMSU. I completely get that. I was that person for years. I'd listen to public radio or watch public television and enjoy the programming, but I'd never contribute because it always seemed like they'd meet the goals without me. The thing is that after being up at KMSU for all this time, after witnessing first hand how desperate things can get up here when the transmitter would go down and we wouldn't have the cash to fix it immediately, or being up here and feeling the sting of not meeting our pledge drive goals after asking for help for a couple of weeks... After all of this, I know just how badly we rely on the kindness and generosity of our listeners.

Please, if you haven't made a donation or maybe you have never made a donation, I urge you to consider doing so now. We've come so far over the past few years, and it has been due to your continuing generosity and your belief in this little independent voice on the hill.

You can make your donation several different ways:
1) Call 507-389-567 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge over the phone. It just takes a few moments to get your info, and then you can go about your day.
2) Write to with your name, address, phone number, and the amount you'd like to pledge, and we'll fill out the paperwork for you.
3) Visit and click on the link to donate. Please specify KMSU as your motivation for donating.

All the options are super simple, and the best part is that you don't even have to get dressed to do them. Also, you'll feel better knowing that you've done your part to help keep an independent media voice alive and well in your neighborhood.

We have loads of cool swag, and I encourage you to scroll down the page (pausing to enjoy Shelley's Halloween posts) and check out the options. We have swag that kicks in at the 25 dollar and up level, but it is important to remember that any amount makes a difference with KMSU. Ten bucks is just as significant as 100 bucks. It all makes a difference.

The swag I'm most excited about is a Shuffle Function exclusive: THE SHUFFLE FUNCTION ZOMBIE FREE MUSIG GEEK UTOPIA KIT! For $100 you can get the remarkable and essential Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kit, as well as two unbelievably hilarious CDs featuring the radio dramas of Mr. Judson Fountain (pictured at the end of this post).

Judson is the radio equivalent of Ed Wood Jr. He loved the power that radio held over the imagination, and he showed his love by writing and starring in some of the most amazingly bad radio drama ever committed to radio. His lack of talent is far outweighed by his enthusiasm. Every moment of his radio "drammers" are a joy to listen to, and they are also oddly inspiring. He didn't let numerous limitations stand in the way of creating something that he loved.

You know, the same thing can be said about KMSU radio sometimes!

So here's a teaser for you, to try and convince you to pledge your support to KMSU. It's one of our favorite Judson Fountain drammers: Captain Hale. Enjoy it, and then take action. Make your donation to KMSU today. Thanks!