Monday, October 26, 2009


We have your calender filled for the end of the week with Halloween Celebrations, beginning with Thursday night at 6pm with Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. We leave our playlist entirely in the hands of the Radio Gods and explore the wonderfully horrific world of K-Tel Records.

I have almost 500 K-Tel records that we assign a number to. We then draw numbers from our magic hat to determine which record to play. And then, since there is a Side A and a Side B, we flip a quarter to see which side to play. Tim then rolls his ten-sided dice to see which track to play. We have no control over the playlist - it is entirely random - and that is what scares the crap out of us!! It could be the best hour ever or devestating, we never know, so be sure to tune in for the carnage or the brilliance of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. 6 p.m. this Thursday night on Shuffle Function.

This Friday morning we then celebrate Halloween with Lux Interior of The Cramps and his 1984 radio show called 'The Purple Knif Show'. This has become our morning show Halloween tradition, and a chance to hear Lux Interior play music from his own record collection. As a listener pointed out to us the first year we played this record, we are essentially playing records of someone playing records! Join us for two hours of music that informed The Cramps and will definitely put you in the Halloween mood.


We have a great double feature for you this Halloween night, and it is all free. The movies start at 7pm, and feel free to wear your trick or treat costumes. We will have candy for everyone to load up on, as well as CAKE!!! Here is a flashback to last years Grind-Fu Cinema:

And before I log off, your Halloween Post for the day. Tim just shared with me an amazing website of vintage Halloween Collectibles at . You can spend a long time on this web site, but a few stand outs for me are their collection of Spook Show Posters (something else for me to dream about collecting), vintage Halloween Trick Or Treat Bags, and vintage Poison Labels. Beautiful collections!!

And we also mentioned Mr. Show on the morning show today. Here is a Halloween clip from Mr. Show about monster parties: fact or fiction?

See you in the morning with another Halloween Blog Post.


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