Saturday, October 03, 2009


In case you have missed the last few days of the morning show, I have challenged myself to blog a Halloween related post every day in October. So far, so good loyal radio listener. Be sure to check back every day to get your spook fix.

This last week we spoke of several horror films coming out soon that we are looking forward to seeing. Why should you get excited? Well, none of these are simple remakes by an edgy director of a classic film that should have been left alone. There's that. The trailers themselves also are just frightening to watch - I KNOW, I KNOW - an awesome trailer does not necessarily mean an awesome film. I realize that, but an awesome trailer does manage to give us some hope.

The first film is called 'Paranormal Activity'. It appears to borrow a page from the Blair Witch hand held camera school of film making, but it also looks like the kind of thing that I hope to witness every week when I watch Ghost Hunters on the ScyFy Channel. Here is the trailer, see what you think.

This next film uses the old trick of telling you it is based on a true story - and not even a story, but scientific data! This is a common crutch to use in the world of horror films, but that's because it works. This film could actually be real for all I know. I do intend to look into it, but not yet. Maybe after I see the film. It is called 'The Fourth Kind', as in close encounters as in YES!! THERE ARE ALIENS TOO!!

The next film isn't necessarily a horror film, but it is about psychic powers. I just threw a couple of really scary trailers your way, and so I want to relieve the tension with a little humor. A little goat humor to be specific. I remember reading about this book when it came out, and now that it has been made into a movie I will have to see it and read it. It is called 'The Men Who Stare At Goats'.

I wanted to end this post with the trailer for 'The Road', but it isn't available to download on you tube. I can give you the link though, it is at
This may very well be the scariest film of them all, having read the book. It is the stuff of my nightmares, and I can't wait to see it. You still have time to read it before the film comes out people!! and I suggest that you do.

All right - see you tomorrow.


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