Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I put a link up to this a few years ago, but now that we are approaching Halloween it is a great time to revisit it. You can find out more information on this Renaissance Man at his web site:
www.let'spainttv.com , where you can also see that he just did a public performance in August in the Twin Cities. It is one of those "OH CRAP - this would have been worth the trip moments" for me.

Here is the three part Let's Paint Tv Halloween Show.

Part Two.

And Part Three.

You can see the brilliance of Let's Paint Tv in the following clip where John Kilduff Paints, exercises, performs open heart surgery and helps out the Tin Man.

Tomorrow is the kick off of the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive - come back to the blog to see great Shuffle Function Premiums and how you can become a part of the KMSU family!!


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