Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If I had TONS of money..........Halloween Blog Post #28

After sharing the link to with you and falling in love with the vintage Spook Show posters they shared, I thought of a number of Halloween items I'd like to collect. The only problem is I'm not a millionaire. Thank goodness for the on-lines. I can go to some web sites and drool and dream.............................................

The first thing I would drop some major coinage on is Monster Trading Cards. when I was younger I collected Star Wars Trading Cards, and I still have probably 250 of them. If I had been a kid in the early sixties, these would have been my target of choice.

There is a great web site that shares samples of a number of the card series from 1959 to 1969. You can find them here:

Another item I would love to collect if money was no objective AND I had plenty of displsy and storage space, is Halloween related board games. I do have the Vincent Price Hang Man game that I picked up for a quarter at the thrift shop, but one game does not a collection make.

I suppose if I had enough money to collect these things, I would have enough cashola left over to build a loft to display everything!! Last of all I would love to collect and own all of the Crestwood Monster Books that have been made over the years.

These are truly where my love of all things began, because it was not long after I started checking these orange books out at my school library that I started watching Ghost Busters (see one of my first blog entries!!) and reading Universal Monster and Sci-Fi Starlog type magazines at my Dad's Osco Drug. This all happened when I was living in Indiana, and it wasn't until a few years ago that I discovered they all came from Mankato, Minnesota!!! I was ten years old when my parents told me we were moving to Minnesota. I was devestated but they told me I could see the Twins and the Vikings. What they should have told me was I'd be living in the same town that my beloved orange Monster Books came from!!!

There have been a number of great blog posts about these series, and they have changed and adapted many many times over the years. Of course, being the completist that I am, I would want to collect them all. Follow these links to some great blog posts:

I have to stop here, it is almost midnight....................... See you tomorrow for another post and SHUFFLE FUNCTION RADIO ROULETTE!!!


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