Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Shuffle Functioneers!!! Welcome to the monster list of premiums, or as we like to call it (because it is fun to say) SWAG. Before I begin, though, I really want to thank you for your support of KMSU. Hosting a radio show would mean absolutely nothing if we didn't know that you were tuning in on the drive to work, or singing along with The Legendary Stardust Cowboy in the shower, or maybe listening in on the on-lines while at work (or in foreign lands). Once when an ice storm took out the old sewing machine transmitter and knocked off all the power at the station, Tim and I kept doing the show anyway. We knew there was no possible way that anyone could hear what we were doing, and after about 20 minutes of feeling foolish we stopped.

Without just one listener out there somewhere in radio land, it would really just be like sitting at home spinning some tunes on the record player. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but we thrive on the interactions with you cats and kittens. That can't happen without your support, and when Pledge Drive time rolls around, I am referring to your FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

We have some great thank you swag lined up for you when you either call and make your pledge, or pledge on-line. Here are the three different ways that you can become a Radio Hero and pledge your financial support to KMSU:

1) Call us at 389 - 5678 or 1 - 800 - 456 - 7810. If you are calling at a crazy hour when nobody is at the station, or if you don't get an answer, please leave your name and phone number and Jim "Gully" Gullickson will get back to you a.s.a.p.

2) Pledge on-line at the kmsu website at The website is sporting a new look, and it is very easy to make your safe and confidential pledge from there. Just look for the big yellow button on the home page that says "DONATE TO KMSU TODAY" and click on it. It will take you to where you need to go.

3) Send us an email at with your name, mailing address, phone number and swag interest, and Shyboy Tim and I will do the rest.


$25 Pledge to KMSU - Finders Keepers CD!
Shuffle Function artisans have been busy at work compiling tunes guaranteed to get your party started right and clear the room at the end of said party. This is the seventh in the series of Finders Keepers, so heads up completists!!! it is time to grab the next compilation.

$50 Pledge to KMSU - Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kit!
Shuffle Function artisans have been hard at work on this one Radio Heroes. Available for the first time is the SHUFFLE FUNCTION ZOMBIE SURVIVAL KIT. Designed with the idea of keeping our KMSU radio listener fan base alive in the case of a zombie attack, this portable kit contains all of the nonlethal items you will require to survive the hordes of undead.

$50 Pledge to KMSU - a new KMSU t-shirt!
It is white and has the new KMSU logo with the tower on the front and says "Together We Make Great Radio" on the back. Wear your station with pride and be the first kid on your block to own the t-shirt.

$65 Pledge to KMSU - This American Life CD Package!
When the financial world began to reel, some of the best coverage of the crisis actually occurred on a show that is pretty up front about the fact that they are really just interested in telling a good story, This American Life with Ira Glass. We are pleased to offer this 4 CD collection of shows that aired during the meltdown, and I highly recommend them. They are honestly the best description I have heard about what really happened and why it happened that I have heard. And don't forget - when you make a pledge for this type of item, it also tells us that you are supporting This American Life on KMSU.

$100 Pledge to KMSU - Program Director For A Day!
When you were a kid did you also grow up dreaming of being on the radio and playing your favorite records and songs? Shyboy Tim lives out that dream every morning on KMSU, and you can too!! This is our thriftiest Swag Package available because when you become a Program Director For A Day you will receive the new Finders Keepers CD, a new KMSU t-shirt, and YOU GET TO JOIN US ON THE MORNING SHOW AND CONTROL THE RADIO AIRWAVES WITH YOUR OWN MUSIC COLLECTION. Oh - and if that hasn't already knocked your socks off, YOU GET A CD COPY OF YOUR TWO HOURS OF RADIO INFAMY. We really enjoy getting to meet our listeners, and having an opportunity to geek out with you on the air, so be sure to act fast because we have a limited number of PD4Day slots available.


$100 Pledge to KMSU - KMSU Day Sponsor!
If you are too shy to do a Program Director For A Day, then why not be a day sponsor? You can still pick out a ton of music for the station to play on your special day, and we will also be sure to acknowledge your support with any personal messages or thoughts you'd like us to say. Or maybe you would like us to celebrate a birthday (or maybe a favorite musicians birthday?), anniversary, or graduation on the air with some special tunes for that special someone. A Day Sponsor would also make a wonderful Christmas gift!!

and now a drum roll please....

$100 Pledge to KMSU - The Shuffle Function Zombie Free Music Geek Utopia Kit!

In addition to the SHUFFLE FUNCTION ZOMBIE FREE MUSIC GEEK UTOPIA KIT you will receive the amazing collection of recordings from one of our favorite artists on the show, Judson Fountain. He is the undeniable King of Radio "Drammers" (that's dramas for the uninitiated) and is PERFECT for the Halloween season. many refer to him as the Ed Wood of radio dramas, and if you have ever heard his rendition of "Garbage Can From Thailand" then you know exactly what that means. Shyboy Tim and I are jumping for joy at the chance to offer you this two CD package of 'Completely In The Dark: Tales of Mystery and Suspense by Judson Fountain' and 'Dark Dark Dark Tales and Other Dark Tales: Radio Dramas by Judson Fountain'.

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