Sunday, October 04, 2009


Having just spent the evening destroying zombie hordes one after the other with Scooter Polanski (no relation to that other Polanski) and Shyboy Tim, I feel like maybe some lighthearted zombie material is necessary for the fourth blog post.

You all remember this movie, right? It is '28 Days Later'.

This is the film that in my mind began the fast moving vs. classic slow moving zombie debate that rages till this day ( Of course you could just say that in '28 Days Later' they aren't really zombies Shelley, they are simply "infected". That may be true, but the end result in both cases is that you are caught and then you are eaten. Anyway, I don't want to get into that quagmire of a debate, I want to show you something that made me laugh alot. It is a one minute version of '28 Days Later'. It is so good that it isn't necessary for you to have seen the original, but I think you will find it even funnier if you have.

Here is the one minute version of '28 Days Later

See - zombies can be funny too!!

I think this sketch works for me because it reminds me of the series of Monty Python Flying Circus sketches when they reenact the war.

Have a wonderful lazy Sunday everyone and we will see you tomorrow on the air and with another Halloween related blog post.


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