Friday, October 30, 2009


The day before Halloween, and my second to last holiday post. I hope you had a chance to catch The Purple Knif Show with Lux Interior of The Cramps this morning. I can never have enough Hernando's Hideaway!! Last nights Shuffle Function Radio Roulette was also happily painless in it's run. Probably the lowest point was when the Hooked On Rock Classics album was picked. It was a good two minutes into that song before I recognized anything resembling The Beatle's "Get Back".

This was the first Shuffle Function Radio Roulette that we have done with the new tower and we are pretty pleased with the outcome. Before taping the show Shyboy Tim and I went out to the tower and made our offerings to the Radio Gods.

Being that the playlist is entirely up to fate, I knew that we had to have some pretty precious gifts, so note the Velvet Underground cassette tape. We aren't messing around with this folks!! After experiencing several horrific Radio Roulettes, we are going to do our best to build some good mojo.

This weekend I hope to do an extended post on Shuffle Function Radio Roulette while watching the Vikings trounce the Packers, so check back for that. On the show this morning Shyboy Tim mentioned a new Shining parody commercial he'd seen last night during 30 Rock. He is right - it is brilliant!! See for yourself below:

The other thing that tickled our fancy this morning is watching the Left For Dead 2 trailers. Here are a few sneak peeks - it comes out in 18 days!!!

here is a longer look:

We will see you all tomorrow at Grind-Fu Cinema!! I forgot to include the map to the location, so in case you are thinking "I'M THE NEW KID IN TOWN, WHERE CAN I GO?"

We will see you there!!


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