Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is just making it in under the wire, but I cannot get enough sleep in my life right now. Don't forget that Grind-Fu Cinema is now just one week away. Two amazing zombie films completely free. Bring your own sodas, snacks and friends and we will provide the cake!! 7 p.m. October 31st at Weicking 220 Auditorium.

Shyboy Tim broke out the 30 Rock classic of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah on last week's morning show. After listening to the complete song I had to see if there was a video for it, and there is................kind of.

Here is the way to short teaser clip from 30 Rock itself:

And here is the rest that I found:

Thanks again to all the radio heroes who pledged to KMSU - YOU CAN STILL MAKE A PLEDGE. SCROLL ON DOWN TO THE SWAG LIST AND THEN CALL THE STATION AT 3989-5678 OR EMAIL US AT


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