Thursday, October 15, 2009

Second Day Of The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive and 15th Day Of Halloween Posts

We started off the Fall KMSU Pledge Drive with a bang, and it would be great to keep up that momentum. I am going to post my Halloween souveneir for the day and then repost the swag that we are pleased to offer you as our thanks for supporting KMSU.

BUT FIRST. Don't forget about your Halloween Night plans - you will be joining us for the last Grind-Fu Cinema event of the year!!!

Now let's talk zombies, shall we? If you have been following the blog or listening to us on the air, then you know that we are offering the Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kit as a thank you to those who pledge at the $50 level. I would say that we have zombies on the brain, but that is a really bad zombie humor related pun, so I choose to say that Shyboy Tim and I have zombies on our minds. But we are not alone.

You may know him best as the "quiet little guy" in the dynamic magic duo of Penn & Teller, but Teller has been putting in some serious thinking and planning time about how to survive the zombie apocolypse.

The first time I saw this my initial reaction was - wow!! is that really waht his voice sounds like?! And then I was jealous of his book shelves. For more information on Penn & Teller check out their web site at or better yet learn more about Penn in the documentary film about the band Half-Japanese called The Band That Would Be King.

Have no fear Shuffle Functioneers, for Shyboy Tim and I have got your backs. When the zombie apocolypse goes down, you and your loved ones can be safe and sound with the Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kit. When you call or email us with your pledge of $50 for the KMSU Fall Pledge Drive, we will set you up with this portable collection of non-lethal zombie surviving gear.

We are out to save KMSU listeners from the undead mobs one listener at a time. Thanks for your support Radio Heroes.


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