Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Shuffle Function Halloween Related Post Number Seven (for those of you playing along at home)

starts at 7 p.m. October 31st at Weicking 220 Auditorium on the campus of MSU Mankato. did I mention it is FREE ?

Before I begin I would like to say that everything I am about to share with you I wish I'd have thought of first. I think it is a brilliant idea, and I am incredibly jealous of the fact that somebody came up with it before I did. I compare it to the first time I saw The Rutles, and I heard Eric Idle refer to the band The Rutles as the Pre-Fab Four. That is hands down sheer genius. That is how I feel about this art project.

Kirk Demarias has a blog that I recommend you add to your favorites called Secret Fun Spot. You can go there in a second to spend hours surfing through his amazing collections, at . In addition to managing a great blog, and making me incredibly jealous, he is an artist. On his blog he explains the creative process behind this project ( but essentially he combined the world of cult films and old family style portraits that many of us had to participate in as children - the kind where you are actually posed and given directions as to where you should be staring. I know I am full of blog post links, but I want to throw another one your way. If you enjoy uncomfortable old school family studio photography, then you have to go here:

But I digress just a bit. Back to Kirk Demarias. I want to post a few of my favorites which are also horror film related. I think you will fall in love with them immediately as I did.

Here is our first family portrait by artist Kirk Demarias, The Torrance Family from the film 'The Shining'.

One of my favorites is next, it is The Freelings family from 'Poltergeist'. Demarias even managed to nail down Robbie's goofy toothy grin!!

And now for a family a little closer to home Minnesota, The Lundegaards from 'Fargo'. Not a horror film you say?! What about the wood chipper?!!!

And you have to have a vampire film in the collection these days, and Kirk Demarias has just that. From the film 'The Lost Boys', the Emerson Family.

I have saved my favorite favorite for last. It is not Halloween related, but there was no way I couldn't pass on posting this one. Ladies and Gentlemen, from the film 'The Jerk', The Johnson Family.

see you tomorrow!!


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