Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Fall Pledge Drive is at the halfway point, and we're also about halfway to meeting our total dollar goal for the station! This is the part, however, where it gets tough. Many of the people that already know how important it is to donate to KMSU have done so already. Some have even donated TWICE. We thank you guys for taking that step and helping us get off to a great start.

Right now we're trying to get to the remaining few that have not yet taken that first step towards donating. Maybe you haven't given because you donated during the Spring during the 24 Hour Marathon, and you've already made your yearly contribution. To those of you that did so, let me just say thanks again. The Spring drive was the biggest drive we've had since Shuffle Function started eight years ago.

Maybe you're a person that listens throughout the day assuming that pledge drives are just something we do, and that they aren't important to the survival of KMSU. I completely get that. I was that person for years. I'd listen to public radio or watch public television and enjoy the programming, but I'd never contribute because it always seemed like they'd meet the goals without me. The thing is that after being up at KMSU for all this time, after witnessing first hand how desperate things can get up here when the transmitter would go down and we wouldn't have the cash to fix it immediately, or being up here and feeling the sting of not meeting our pledge drive goals after asking for help for a couple of weeks... After all of this, I know just how badly we rely on the kindness and generosity of our listeners.

Please, if you haven't made a donation or maybe you have never made a donation, I urge you to consider doing so now. We've come so far over the past few years, and it has been due to your continuing generosity and your belief in this little independent voice on the hill.

You can make your donation several different ways:
1) Call 507-389-567 or 1-800-456-7810 and pledge over the phone. It just takes a few moments to get your info, and then you can go about your day.
2) Write to shufflefunction@hotmail.com with your name, address, phone number, and the amount you'd like to pledge, and we'll fill out the paperwork for you.
3) Visit KMSU.org and click on the link to donate. Please specify KMSU as your motivation for donating.

All the options are super simple, and the best part is that you don't even have to get dressed to do them. Also, you'll feel better knowing that you've done your part to help keep an independent media voice alive and well in your neighborhood.

We have loads of cool swag, and I encourage you to scroll down the page (pausing to enjoy Shelley's Halloween posts) and check out the options. We have swag that kicks in at the 25 dollar and up level, but it is important to remember that any amount makes a difference with KMSU. Ten bucks is just as significant as 100 bucks. It all makes a difference.

The swag I'm most excited about is a Shuffle Function exclusive: THE SHUFFLE FUNCTION ZOMBIE FREE MUSIG GEEK UTOPIA KIT! For $100 you can get the remarkable and essential Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kit, as well as two unbelievably hilarious CDs featuring the radio dramas of Mr. Judson Fountain (pictured at the end of this post).

Judson is the radio equivalent of Ed Wood Jr. He loved the power that radio held over the imagination, and he showed his love by writing and starring in some of the most amazingly bad radio drama ever committed to radio. His lack of talent is far outweighed by his enthusiasm. Every moment of his radio "drammers" are a joy to listen to, and they are also oddly inspiring. He didn't let numerous limitations stand in the way of creating something that he loved.

You know, the same thing can be said about KMSU radio sometimes!

So here's a teaser for you, to try and convince you to pledge your support to KMSU. It's one of our favorite Judson Fountain drammers: Captain Hale. Enjoy it, and then take action. Make your donation to KMSU today. Thanks!


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