Monday, November 30, 2009

Alternate Holiday Suggestions

I'm not good at keeping secrets that I am very excited about sharing with people (just ask Shyboy Tim). But we can finally share this secret with you - we plan to end the year on Shuffle Function (Unbound) with a BANG! Long time Shuffle Function listeners know all about the "Mystery Album", but if this is news to you skip on over to these past blog entries - it's okay, we will wait for you:

We actually solved the mystery on the night we aired the entire "Mystery Album" for our nine year anniversary this past June,
We had the band name - Haze, and after I found a bootleg copy of the album at Cheapos, we had the names of the band members as well. At that point all we hoped to accomplish was finding the band members and telling them our story and letting Haze know how much we loved their album. That finally happened in September!!!

We have been in touch with all but one member of Haze, and we have been recording our interviews - and WHAT A STORY THEY HAVE. This isn't a simple "We had a band, put out a record, and broke up story". As Shyboy Tim said this morning, it is a story with alot of twists and turns, heartaches and highlights. I can't wait for you to hear it!!
We plan on sharing the story of HAZE, as well as their music with all of you on our last two shows of the year for Shuffle Function (Unbound). Part One will air on Thursday night at 6 p.m. on December 24th (Christmas Eve) and Part Two will air Thursday night at 6 p.m. on December 31st (New Years Eve). These two shows have been about five years in the making, and Shuffle Function listeners have been a part of this mystery since it began, and you will be with us as it ends.

Mark your calendars, and tell your friends. Shyboy Tim and I will remind you too on the air.



Anonymous said...

Hey! So I was Googling my family's various businesses they've had throughout the years, and found your blog with records made by them (Century Records; Keysor-Century Corp.)! I've always wondered about the types of artists they recorded back in the day, and it was pretty cool to see that you had a "mystery album" and were just as curious as I have been. I'm happy you were able to find out who the band was, and I can't wait to hear their story! Thanks for taking an interest and sharing! I know I think it's pretty cool :)

Laura Keysor


Thanks for your great comment Laura! I am sure you came across the amazing discography of Century Records curated by someone who helped me out during my search at