Sunday, November 15, 2009


On Friday we mailed out all of the Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kits to the good people who pledged for one during the Fall KMSU Pledge Drive. Shuffle Function Artisans spent a lot of time on this one - because lives will be depending upon it. I took some pictures while they were being constructed that I wanted to share with all of the Shuffle Functioneers.

Here are a few of the non-lethal components found in each Zombie Survival Kit:

Back Up Fire Starters (aka magnifying glasses)

Potted Meat Product

Germ Killer

Duct Tape for Repairs and Medicinal Concerns

Fire Starter Kit

Zombie Odor Neutralizers

Map Of Iowa (for when the sh*t hits the fan, it's Iowa!)

And finally some finished products ready for shipping.

I suggest that this week

you don't just casually stroll to your mailboxes.

YOU RUN !!!!

Thanks to everyone who pledged. Mr.Specific has also mailed out all of his Finders Keepers CDs, so look for those as well. Don't forget Zombie fan(atics), Left For Dead 2 is just a wakeup away.



Ileana Aymat said...

What does that little paper say with the magnifying glass?


it is instructions for starting a campfire with your magnifying glass

Mr Xipoio said...

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