Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thanks to Emily at City Pages, as well as to the guys in Haze. For more on the story, in the band's own words, check out parts one and two of HAZE: THE MYSTERY RECORD REVEALED!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining TD Mischke on his City Pages podcast "In The Stream". I spoke with him about solving the mystery record and meeting the band Haze. If trading cards existed for Radio Heroes on The Airwaves, Mischke would be included in the set. I listen every opportunity I get, and you can do so too. You can listen on-line weekdays from 2 to 4 at his web page www.citypages.com/mischke . Click on the big blue microphone to launch the on-line streaming. Today Mischke plans on having Emily Kaiser, the author of the City pages story on Haze, and Peter "Baby Tang" Johnson from the band (and on the cover!). On Mischke's home page, you can scroll down to the black box with a picture of Mischke that says CLICK HERE FOR IN THE STREAM ON iTUNES. Click away on any of them, but the show I was on is Tuesday January 26th.

When you get hooked on Mischke - AND YOU WILL GET HOOKED - you can find alot of his older shows saved at http://www.mischke1500.blogspot.com/ .

The City Pages web site has some amazing photos of Haze in several slideshows. You can (and should) have a look! www.citypages.com/slideshow/view/29201842 and here www.citypages.com/slideshow/view/29201011 and here www.citypages.com/slideshow/view/29201807 or have a look at this!!

As Shyboy Tim said, we have just taken up most of your day!!

ONE MORE THING - Emily Kaiser just sent me a link to another post she did about hanging out with the band. It got cut from the original piece, and you can find it here:



Saturday, January 23, 2010

Football and Bear Cubs

Prince has written a song meant to fire-up the Minnesota Vikings. It is a fight song called "Purple and Gold". Shyboy Tim heard it's debut on the news and told me about it on the air Friday morning. Now I can get behind the sentiment, but not so much the end result. There just isn't any motivation to pump my fists in the air, paint my face purple and scream. What do you think?


In more Minnesota related news, Lily the bear had her cub late Friday morning. You can still tune in and see what they are up to at http://www.bear.org/ , but if you missed the first bear cub cries here is a clip. You will not believe how alike a human baby's cry is to a bear cub. It is amazingly similar!

Allright, let's thik positive for those Vikings tomorrow! If they win, a suprise guest will drop by the studio with a treat!



JANUARY 18, 2010 (1411)
1. Built To Spill - liar
2. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - midnight man
3. Joy Division - transmission
4. Andre Demay and Nathan Hercberg - comix touche pas mon sexe
5. BPA w/Iggy Pop - he's frank (slight return)
6. Mission Of Burma - academy fight song
7. Times New Viking - no time no hope
8. TV On The Radio - shout me out
9. Pere Ubu - heart of darkness
10. Siouxsie and The Banshees - dear Prudence
11. Dukes Of Stratosphear - little light house
12. Mr. Gnome - plastic shadow
13. Devo - the day my baby gave me a big suprise
14. Blitzen Trapper - gold for bread
15. Dead Weather - cuts like a buffalo
16. Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears - big booty woman
17. New Standards - I will dare

JANUARY 19, 2010 (1412)
Jim is our Program Director For The Day!
1. Klaatu - calling occupants of interplanetary craft
2. Les Dudek - avatar
3. Graham Parker and The Rumor - hotel chambermaid
4. Wire Train - I forget it all (when I see you)
5. Matthew Sweet - your young voice
6. Hum - Ms. Lazurus
7. Fountains Of Wayne - mexican wine
8. Electric President - we will walk through the walls
9. The Connells - new boy
10. Replacements - when it began
11. Beatles - good morning good morning (stereo)
12. Beatles - the end (stereo)
13. Klaatu - sub rosa subway
14. Ultra Maroon - for you girl
15. Athen Aeum - flat tire
16. The Plimsouls - now
17. Gin Blossoms - as long as it matters
18. Ingrid Michaelson - masochist
19. Toad and The Wet Sprocket - fall down
20. The Lightning Seeds - all I want
21. Elvis Costello - (angels want to wear) my red shoes
22. The Jesus and Mary Chain - head on
23. Paul Thorn - love will find you
24. George Harrison - what is life?

JANUARY 20, 2010 (1413)
1. Dramatics - what you see is what you get
2. The Good The Bad and The Queen - the good the bad and the queen
3. Flaming Lips - convinced of teh hex
4. The Tallest - skeletons
5. Tutt Tutt - pins on your purse
6. Gruff Rhys - candy lion
7. Dr. Dog - we all belong
8. Bob Dylan - beyond here lies nothing
9. Greenhornes w/Holly Golightly - there is an end
10. Duffy - live and let die
11. Grandaddy - summer stay
12. Clientele - 3 month summer
13. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - lay and love
14. Devo - working in a coalmine
15. The Hold Steady - can you please crawl through the window
16. Camper Van Beethoven - I was born in a laundromat

JANUARY 21, 2010 (1414)
1. Los Yaki - de dia e da noche
2. A.C. Newman - there are maybe 10 or 12
3. Allman Brothers - whipping post
4. Kaspar Hauser - baby vampire
5. R.E.M. - can't get there from here
6. Laura Marling - tap at my window
7. Gray Goods - weak link
8. Mugison - mugiboogie
9. Beat Happening - other side
10. Daniel Johnston - impossible love
11. David Bowie - life on mars?
12. Cat Power - crossbones style
13. Suburbs - rattle my bones
14. The Clash - police on my back
15. The Amps - tipp city
16. The Stooges - tv eye
17. AC/DC - it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll
18. Grant Hart - now that you know me
19. Feelies - fa ce la

JANUARY 22, 2010 (1415)
1. Nina Simone - I shall be released
2. B.J. Snowden - falling in and out of love
3. Animal Collective - in the flowers
4. Slaraffenland - the right place
5. Star Death and White Dwarfs - I can't get away
6. The Shaky Hands - a new parade
7. Steinski - voicemail (Sugar Hill suite)
8. Throw Me A Statue - dizzy from the fall
9. Vivian Girls - double vision
10. James Jackson Toth - the park
11. Eric Clapton and Duane Allman - mean old world
12. Fish Frye - new wave girl
13. Meryn Cadell - the sweater
14. Dondero Accapella Choir - I just want to celebrate
15. New Standards - hey ya

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Tricks and Pictures of Lily

I can't really give you a reason why, but we have never posted our Thursday night playlist for Shuffle Function on the blog. I can't say it never occurred to me, because it has, but I just never got around to including it..............................UNTIL NOW! Let's give it the ol' something or other try, shall we?!

ADDENDUM: After talking with Shyboy Tim we have decided to scratch this effort and leave the night time show with just a hint of mystery. So sorry, to psych you up for a let down. But for mystery's sake we gotta do this!

It is going to seem odd, but we will be starting off with Show Number 449. Yep, we have done 449 weekly shows. Just like tree circles, that number shows our age.

SFN 449 Thursday January 14, 2010

1. Stereolab - odioline
2. Kim Deal and Robert Pollard - love hurts
3. Daniel Johnston - chord organ blues
4. Ben Folds Five - evaporated
5. Pete Townsend - rough boys
6. Curtis Mayfield - superfly
7. The Chambers Brothers - all strung out over you
8. The Beatles - you won't see me (stereo)
9. Stark Effect - eeples and beeneenies
10. Whale - hobo humpin' slobo babe
11. Can - oh yeah

Now that wasn't so difficult. I think I can handle this. This playlist was typed one fingered while watching Lily in Ely, Minnesota on her den camera. The North American Bear Center has placed a camera inside the den of a pregnant black bear. Lily is due any day, fingers crossed. You can tune in 24/7 and watch Lily breath at the following web site: http://www.bear.org/ I warn you, it is a bit addicting!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two Things.......................

#1 - Scroll on down past last week's playlist to listen to our interview with the "mystery test pressing record" band Haze. All you have to do is click, sit back, and have a listen.

#2 - And just a quick reminder that the City Pages article about Haze and the story of the "mystery album" will be published sometime in February. We are pretty psyched and I am sure it will be worth the wait.

allright - time to watch Ricky Gervais hopefully loose it giggling away on live TV! Oh crap - Paul McCartney is coming up next. If he is going to sing I hope it isn't the song he wrote for 9/11!!!



JANUARY 11, 2010 (1406)

This show is in memory of Bingo Gazingo.
1. Bingo Gazingo - Cane and Able
2. Bingo Gazingo and My Robot Friend - you're out of the computer
3. The Evening Rigs - a girl important
4. DoDos - red and purple
5. Bingo GAzingo - Eminem
6. Husker Du - sunshine superman
7. Parsons Red Heads - punctual as usual
8. Zombies - care of cell 44
9. Bingo Gazingo - the more I love you more
10. Bingo Gazingo - rock the rock
11. Bingo Gazingo live on our Shuffle Function 24 Pledge Drive A-Go-Go 2004
12. Bingo Gazingo - is this the chicken market?
13. Jackson Knife - thruthfully
14. The Moving Sidewalks - 99th floor
15. Velvet Underground - foggy notion
16. Other Girls - the moth
17. Bingo Gazingo - piano and violin

JANUARY 12, 2010 (1407)
1. Talking Heads - found a job
2. Little Jackie - the world should revolve around me
3. Beastie Boys - intergalactic
4. Fannypack - hit it
5. Frank Black - his kingly cave
6. Rolling Stones - brown sugar
7. Hold Steady - your little hoodrat friend
8. Guided By Voices - everywhere with helicopters
9. The Who - pictures of Lily
10. Velvet Underground - cool it down
11. Beatles - I want you (she's so heavy) (stereo)
12. Hallelujah The Hills - waving backwards at Massachussettes
13. Judy Henske and Jerry Yester - raider
14. Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 - I'm falling
15. Leonard Cohen - Suzanne
16. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - todays lessons
17. David Byrne - U B Jesus
18. No Age - cappo

JANUARY 13, 2010 (1408)
1. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - paralyzed
2. Little Richard - brown sugar
3. Os Mutantes - samba do fidel
4. Marianne Faithfull - hold on hold on
5. The Who - Armenia in the sky
6. Marianne Faithfull - broken english
7. Ben Folds Five - she don't use jelly
8. Nancy Sinatra - sugar town
9. The Fleshtones - super hexbreaker
10. The Fleshtones - hall of fame
11. The Pika Beats - shrieking violets
12. Captain Beefheart - my human gets me blues
13. Marianne Faithfull - my friends have
14. Haze - house on a country road
15. I'm From Barcelona - Mingus
16. Rush - spirit of the radio
17. Harry Merry - moody busdriver
18. The Fendermen - mule skinner blues

JANUARY 14, 2010 (1409)
1. LCD Soundsystem - someone great
2. Jay Reatard - my reality
3. XX Teens - only you
4. Pink Mountaintops - teh gayest of sunbeams
5. Kelley Stoltz - birdies singing
6. Bob Dylan - one more cup of coffee (valley below)
7. Love As Laughter - holy
8. Thus:Owls - climbing the fjelds of Norway
9. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - love comes to me
10. Sea and Cake - up on crutches
11. Jay Reatard - no time
12. XTC - the ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
13. The Chambers Brothers - time has come today
14. Haze - are you free?
15. The La's - there she goes
16. The Waterboys - sweet thing
17. Belle and Sebastian - legal man
18. P.I.L. - death disco
19. Jay Reatard - see saw
20. Stone Roses - I am the resurrection
21. Teenage Fanclub - star sign

JANUARY 15, 2010 (1410)
1. Beatles - I am the walrus (mono)
2. 13th Floor Elevators - slip inside this house
3. Thus:Owls - climbing the fjelds of Norway
4. The Suburbs - baby heartbeat
5. LCD Soundsystem - it's time to get away
6. Tim Hutt - lottery song
7. The Blasters - so long baby goodbye
8. Stooges - search and destroy
9. Meho Plaza - I am a green beret
10. Latvian Radio - seven layers of self defense
11. Morrissey - first of the gang to die
12. Velvet Underground - femme fatale
13. Yoko Ono w/Jason Pierce of Spiritualized - walking on thin ice
14. Mamma Guitar - a certain girl
15. Whale - hobo humpin' slobo babe
16. MC5 - ramblin' Rose
17. Replacements - Cruella Deville
18. Von Bondies - lack of communication
19. Beatles - it's all too much (stereo)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


By popular demand, here's parts one and two of HAZE: THE MYSTERY RECORD REVEALED! The story is still unfolding. Soon Haze will be the subject of a cover story in City Pages, and sometime in the near future both their albums will be available for the first time on CD.
Thanks for all your feedback, everyone! Let us know what you think of these shows. The band is still amazed that all this is happening, and we will pass on your opinions as we receive them.
Part One:

Part Two:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Does It Look Like When A Listener Drops Some Science On Us?

Yesterday Tim said he didn't see the winter wonderland that Mother Nature was making for us.


I did and it was beautiful. As I said on the show, the glitter effect of the snow meant you were either in the first three rows of a Tom Waits concert or you were inside the snowglobe that an autistic child was shaking in the horrible show finale of an awesome doctors show in the 80's. I saw the snow and later on in the show when Gully arrived, he too saw the snow. Tim contends that he never saw it snow yesterday.

This has sparked both science and the arts to chime in. We got a haiku from our Haiku Sugar Daddy Joe yesterday that went a little something like this:

the snow is sparkling
but Tim is in denial
he just can't see it

And then this morning Jacob chimed in with the science, which went a little something like this:

Screw the glass half full argument, and adopt the "did Tim see snow?" discord!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The City pages article that Shyboy Tim and I have been going on and on about that will discuss the "mystery band" Haze is not going to come out this week, but next week. Sorry for the mix - up, but the story just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Does that mean you shouldn't pick up a copy of this weeks City pages? Hells no! Stop by Tune Town and grab one - they are free you know. For all of my adult going up to the Twin Cities to catch a movie or a show life, City Pages has been essential reading for me. It has been a long time since we could pick one up on our home turf, so be sure to take advantage of that and tell Carl thanks!



Monday, January 11, 2010


JANUARY 4, 2010 (1401)
1. Low - when I go deaf
2. Lou Reed - what's good
3. Luna - speed bumps
4. The Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
5. Talking Heads - burning down the house
6. Yo La Tengo - periodically double or trouble
7. Grey Goods - blue skies
8. DoDos - small death
9. The Clientele - three month summers
10. Haze - waiting for the moment
11. Haze - let's have a party
12. Sly and The Family Stone - you can make it if you try
13. Paul Butterfield Blues Band - one more heartache
14. High Water Marks - queen of Verlaine
15. The Jam - town called malice
16. Motorhead - ace of spades
17. Haze - time
18. Dictionaraoke - easy
19. Unknown - I'm dressing myself

JANUARY 5, 2010 (1402)
1. Dave Clark 5 - can't you see that you're mine
2. Fanfarlo - luna
3. Girls - ghost mouth
4. Jandek - Nancy sings
5. Chambers Brothers - all strung out over you
6. Rolling Stones - sway
7. They Might Be Giants - ana ang
8. Rubik - fire age
9. Paul Westerberg - make your own kind of music
10. AC/DC - rocker
11. Dave Hardin - Baltimore you're home to me
12. The Heavy - oh no not you again
13. Guitar Wolf - jet generation
14. Roy Orbison - in dreams
15. Dondero Accapella High School choir - missing the war
16. Spinal Tap - tonight I'm gonna rock you tonight
17. De-T-roit - keg party tonight
18. The Black Hollies - don't be afraid to ask
19. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - I can't stand up for falling down
20. Boom Town Rats - I don't like Mondays
21. Devandra Banhart - baby
22. Gary Strivent - something

JANUARY 6, 2010 (1403) Syd Barrett's birthday today

1. Elvis Presley - little sister/get back
2. Fruit Bats - my unusual friend
3. Ben Kweller - falling
4. Syd Barrett - late night
5. Komeda - catcher
6. Pink Floyd - astronomy domine
7. All Girls Summer Fun Band - not the one for me
8. AC Newman - battle for straight time
9. Tijuana Panthers - don't shoot your guns
10. Syd Barrett - baby lemonade
11. David Byrne and Brian Eno - help me somebody
12. LCD Soundsystem - too much love
13. Condo F*cks - watcha gonna do about it?
14. Rolling Stones - rocks off
15. Matthew Sweet and Sussanna Hoffs - hello it's me
16. Syd Barrett - gigolo aunt
17. Tom Waits - shake it
18. Quintron - god of thunder

JANUARY 7, 2010 (1404)
1. The Undertakers - stupidity
2. Joy Division - disorder
3. Chad Vangaalen - bare feet on wet grip tape
4. Rutles - cheese and onions
5. The Fleshtones - all around the world
6. D Lite - groove is in the heart
7. M Ward - heading for a fall
8. Flying Burritto Brothers - hot burrittoo #1
9. Bob Mould - city lights (days go by)
10. The Champagne Socialists - blue genes
11. Wilco - nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (again)
12. Woods - gypsy hand
13. Supergrass - sun hits the sky
14. Whatfor - sooner later than never
15. Stereo Total - automatic music
16. Guided By Voices - everywhere with helicopter
17. Animal Collective - my girls
18. Wallpaper - rock collage
19. Devo - snowball
20. We All Have Hooks For Hands - lessons burned
21. XTC - senses working overtime

JANUARY 8, 2010 (1405) Elvis Presley's Birthday

all Elvis unless noted!
1. little sister
2. you'll think of me
3. in the ghetto
4. bossa nova baby
5. baby, let's play house
6. rubberneckin'
7. jailhouse rock
8. are you lonesome tonight?
9. David Bowie - suffragette city (oh yeah - Bowie is a birthday boy too!)
10. one night
11. I got stung
12. any day now
13. that's allright
14. Kentucky rain
15. Barry Tiffin - candy bars for Elvis
16. if I can dream
17. do the clam
18. I'm left your right she's gone
19. David Bowie - John, I'm only dancing
20. Marie's the name of his latest flame
21. now and then there's a fool such as I
22. such a night
23. suspicious minds
24. David Bowie - queen bitch
25. you're so square baby I don't care
26. viva Las Vegas

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Folks, We Have Some Sad News Coming Down the Wires

I knew this day would come, but it still sucks. We have just learned of the death of a Shuffle Function favorite and street poet extraordinaire Bingo Gazingo. Reports say that he was struck by a taxi on the way to a poetry reading and passed away on New Years Day. Like many of our favorite outsider musicians, my introduction to Bingo came from Irwin Chusid's book 'Songs In The Key Of Z'. This was our primer in the early days of Shuffle Function and the song "You're Out Of The Computer" was our gateway drug to the song styling of Bingo Gazingo.

We have exchanged letters with Bingo on and off since the first year of Shuffle Function being on the air, and he was even kind enough to record a radio spot for our show. In 2004 I spent a number of hours on the phone with Bingo recording some of his classic songs, and a few new poems he was trying out. He was a master of taking on pop culture and applying his own twist to them - often breaking FCC rules and regulations! During our phone calls I could hear that he often worked off a written piece but he was also an amazing improviser, delivering rhymes at the speed of light.

Just last year Bingo sent us a cd with some new tunes and told us that he was working on a new release. For a man in his 80's he was still very vibrant and vital. To learn that his death was a freak accident and not health related seems all the more tragic. I would have loved to hear what he was working on. I am sure that we will be spinning some Bingo Gazingo this week in his honor, so tune in to hear some of his classic tunes. Here is Bingo in his element, singing his song "J-Lo" at the WFMU record fair.

Thanks for your friendship and your music Bingo!!


Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The horrible winter weather continues, as yet another blizzard threatens to roll across the southern minnesota KMSU listening area. WINTER STORM JUDY SWALLOW IS COMING! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WINTER POWER OF WINTER STORM JUDY SWALLOW!

As always, dress appropriately, and drive like everybody is crazier than you. End communication.

Monday, January 04, 2010


When we first started trying to solve the mystery of the unlabelled test pressing that Shelley found in a huge haul of vinyl we figured we'd be lucky to simply find out who was responsible for it. We'd maaaaaybe get to know the names of the songs. We didn't really think much beyond that.

Here were are, several years later, and not only do we know that the band is Haze from the Twin Cities, but we have a repressing of that album, we've interviewed the entire band, and now we've gotten to meet them!

On Sunday, January 3rd, 2010, we drove up to St Paul and met with the entire band. Not just the band, but also their family and friends. Let me tell you, this is a fun group of people that are thrilled to once again be in each other's company after a nearly 30 year hiatus. There's a lot of love in this group, and it was a real honor to be invited to meet them and talk to them about their experiences.

As we said on the show, the story of Haze is not over. In fact, a new chapter is beginning, and it includes the re-release of their first album, as well as the first official release of their second album! We'll keep you posted as more news develops on this front. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the big day.

Thanks for listening. Please let us know what you thought of the Haze shows, too!


Paul Johnson, Steve Balanger, Peter Johnson, Will Thomas, Sonny Knight, Stephen Seales

Peter and Paul Johnson

Diamond, their sound guy. He had some great stories about the band.

Solomon Hughes

Sonny Knight and Peter Johnson examine the mystery record.

The band gave us signed copies of their unreleased second album. The cool thing is that it was also signed by their family and friends. This is a group of people that are really happy to be in each other's lives again after all this time.

The first Haze record is pretty rare, so imagine how rare this 8 Track of it is! Many of the guys in the band didn't even know there was an 8 Track released.

Live on the show, January 4th, we were able to break the seal on an unopened copy of Haze's second album, and play tracks off it for the very first time.


DECEMBER 28, 2009 (1396)
1. Alan Haven - image
2. Beatles - some other guy (mono)
3. Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - 103
4. Air - sing sand sung
5. David Bowie - sound and vision
6. Sea Wolf - the traitor
7. Chuck Berry - let it rock
8. We Are The Willows - a funeral dressed as a birthday
9. Manhattan Love Suicides - keep it coming
10. The Cadillacs - speedo
11. Roky Erickson - I have always been here before
12. Chris Bell - I am the cosmos
13. Big Star - mod lang
14. Dennis Wilson - river song
15. The Staples Singers - the weight
16. Devandra Banhart - can't help but smile
17. The Monkees - going down
18. The MPLS Henrys - where's my mind been
19. Stereo MC's - connected
20. Pierre De Reader - that's the way that it was
21. Lake - blue ocean blue
22. Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker
DECEMBER 29, 2009 (1397)
1. Terry Reid - superlungs my supergirl
2. Talking Heads - the great curve
3. Flaming Lips - convinced of the hex
4. Cub - tell me now
5. Marrianne Faithfull - no child of mine
6. The Who - slip kid
7. The Breeders - cannonball
8. The Remains - don't look back
9. Tom Waits - 16 shells from a 30 ought six
10. The Chris Stamey Experience - shapes of things
11. Marrianne Faithfull - my friends have
12. Sleater Kinney - jumpers
13. Sonic Youth - superstar
14. Billy "The Kid" Emerson - red hot
15. Charlie Rich - lonely weekend
16. Saturday Looks Good To Me - since you stole my heart
17. Howling Wolf - 300 pounds of joy
18. Public Enemy - you're gonna get yours
19. Unnamed - I'm dressing myself

DECEMBER 30, 2009 (1398)
1. First Gear - a certain girl
2. The Monkees - what am I doing hanging round
3. Lou Reed - hangin' round
4. Imperial Teen - Ivanka
5. Rumble Strips - alarm clock
6. Mohammed Raffi - jaan pehe chaan ho
7. The Undertakers - stupidity
8. Beat Happening - pine box derby
9. Edwyn Collins - a girl like you
10. The Undertones - teenage kicks
11. The Fabs - Dinah wants religion
12. Prince - crimson and clover
13. Ike and Tina Turner - whole lotta love
14. LeTigre - deceptacon
15. The Monkees - star collector
16. Iggy Pop and Brenda Lee - passenger fever
17. Bo Diddley - who do you love
18. Bunker Hill - red riding hood and the wolf
19. Eric Burdon and War - spill the wine
20. Soft Boys - tonight

DECEMBER 31, 2009 (1399)
Paul Westerberg's Birthday

1. Paul Westerberg - sadly beautiful (solo demo)
2. Replacements - left of the dial
3. Replacements - sixteen blue
4. Replacements - color me impressed
5. Paul Westerberg - dangerous boys
6. Replacements - answering machine
7. Grandpaboy - hot un'
8. Paul Westerberg - as far as I know
9. Paul Westerberg - whatever makes you happy
10. Replacements - can't hardly wait
11. Replacements - talent show
12. Replacements - you lose
13. Replacements - I will dare
14. Replacements - rock n roll ghost
15. Paul Westerberg - first glimmer
16. Replacements - within your reach
17. Paul Westerberg - dyslexic heart
18. Replacements - merry go round
19. Paul Westerberg - lookin' out forever
20. Paul Westerberg - things
21. Replacements - bastards of young
22. Replacements - Alex Chilton
23. Replacements - kiss me on the bus
24. Replacements - I'll be you
25. Replacements - unsatisfied
26. Replacements - unsatisfied

JANUARY 1, 2010 (1400)

broadcasting in it's entirety our interviews with the "mystery record" band Haze, parts 1 and 2