Monday, January 04, 2010


When we first started trying to solve the mystery of the unlabelled test pressing that Shelley found in a huge haul of vinyl we figured we'd be lucky to simply find out who was responsible for it. We'd maaaaaybe get to know the names of the songs. We didn't really think much beyond that.

Here were are, several years later, and not only do we know that the band is Haze from the Twin Cities, but we have a repressing of that album, we've interviewed the entire band, and now we've gotten to meet them!

On Sunday, January 3rd, 2010, we drove up to St Paul and met with the entire band. Not just the band, but also their family and friends. Let me tell you, this is a fun group of people that are thrilled to once again be in each other's company after a nearly 30 year hiatus. There's a lot of love in this group, and it was a real honor to be invited to meet them and talk to them about their experiences.

As we said on the show, the story of Haze is not over. In fact, a new chapter is beginning, and it includes the re-release of their first album, as well as the first official release of their second album! We'll keep you posted as more news develops on this front. In the meantime, here are some pictures from the big day.

Thanks for listening. Please let us know what you thought of the Haze shows, too!


Paul Johnson, Steve Balanger, Peter Johnson, Will Thomas, Sonny Knight, Stephen Seales

Peter and Paul Johnson

Diamond, their sound guy. He had some great stories about the band.

Solomon Hughes

Sonny Knight and Peter Johnson examine the mystery record.

The band gave us signed copies of their unreleased second album. The cool thing is that it was also signed by their family and friends. This is a group of people that are really happy to be in each other's lives again after all this time.

The first Haze record is pretty rare, so imagine how rare this 8 Track of it is! Many of the guys in the band didn't even know there was an 8 Track released.

Live on the show, January 4th, we were able to break the seal on an unopened copy of Haze's second album, and play tracks off it for the very first time.


Jeffrey Beaumont said...

This is awesome.

Travis Curl said...

I heard this band a couple months ago on a radio station here in Minnesota called The Current. They played some songs from their first album because they only released one I guess. The Current played a couple of songs which were all great and then they told the story about Haze and that's what really got to me. They talked about how they kind of split because they were turning down big money deals because they didn't want someone to change their image. That's really cool because they are about good music and not just good money, a quality you don't find in alot of musicians from yesterday to tomorrow. So in being the best band I've heard, not being sellouts, and being from my city they instantly became my favorite band. Now here's my problem. I was born in '91 and I know nothing about them really, but hearing their music and story I gotta have an album or see a show of theirs or something. I was just wondering if anybody that sees this would know where I can find an album of theirs or see them in concert, or just let me know the future of Haze because I gotta know.