Friday, February 12, 2010

Celebrate Michael McDonald's Birthday the Yacht Rock Way

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL McDONALD!! I have learned two things today: always have more Doobie Brothers records at the station for emergency situations like this, and there is no such thing as too much Michael McDonald impersonating!!

Here is a great way to spend the next half hour or so........

Yacht Rock 1 - Where it all started

Yacht Rock 2 - Hall and Oates go toe to toe with McDonald and Loggins

Yacht Rock 4 - Toto attempts to drag McDonald to the New Age side

Yacht Rock 5 - McDonald and Loggins unite to save smooth music

Yacht Rock 6 - A historical turn for yacht Rock

Yacht Rock 7 - McDonald and Loggins settle a bet a decade later

Yacht Rock 9 - Story of a Van Halen tune

Yacht Rock 10 - Steely Dan's feud with the Eagles resolves itself in a well known song

Yacht Rock 11 - The story of Kenny Loggins writing "Footloose"

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