Monday, February 08, 2010

HISTORY IN THE MAKING.....Shuffle Function welcomes WINTER STORM STEPHEN MERCHANT to Minnesota

We have run out of BBC radio host names to use, so Shyboy Tim and I are now utilizing BBC British comedians to name our winter storms after. We are pleased to hereby welcome the first such winter storm to the area, WINTER STORM STEPHEN MERCHANT.

You might know him best as the co-writer and star of The Office and Extras. If that isn't ringing any bells (but I hope it is), you may recognize him as the guy who taught The Rock how to be a tooth fairy...............or as the cook who blew up in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace.............or maybe as the guy who lost his goose in Hot Fuzz. After we get 11 inches of snow dumped on us, you won't soon forget who Winter Storm Stephen Merchant is. Be careful out there campers!!

Welcome to the wonderfull world of Shuffle Function named Winter Storms Stephen Merchant! and a big thank you to all past BBC radio hosts who have had Winter Storms named after them. I'm going to go peek out the window now and see if it is snowing.


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