Tuesday, April 06, 2010


After a week of pledge pitching, the station only needs $2500 to make its goal. That's all. Yet experience has taught us that it is incredibly difficult to get pledges at this stage of a pledge drive. So many people have already given generously, and the folks out there that haven't... well, there are a number of reasons, I'm sure, why they haven't donated.

Here's some quick number flinging:
  • Of the total number of people that listen to any given public radio station, ONLY 10% ACTUALLY CONTRIBUTE! 10% of the listeners are carrying the load for the remaining 90%. If we could double the amount of people that contribute on average, we would probably be able to get by with only ONE PLEDGE DRIVE A YEAR!

  • The total dollar amount raised so far during Shuffle Function and the 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go is approximately $21,100. That means that right now, 84% OF THE TOTAL PLEDGES HAVE BEEN RAISED BY PEOPLE LISTENING TO SHUFFLE FUNCTION! At least I think so. I'm a DJ, not a mathematician. This is nothing short of amazing. This is a fact that Shuffle Function listeners should be insanely proud of. I know I am!
So... 84% if the funds have been raised during Shuffle Function hours. At this point, I would like to make a proposal to you, the unpledged Shuffle Function listener. I would like to propose that you pick up the phone and give us a call at 507-389-5678, or 1-800-456-7810. If you have it in you to make even a modest pledge, you will make a small step towards whittling away at the remaining $2500.

What I am ultimately proposing is this: Shuffle Function listeners should mop up the last $2500 in the pledge drive. If they do that, then that would mean that 94% OF THE PLEDGES WOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN DURING SHUFFLE FUNCTION HOURS!

That would be a pretty remarkable showing for 10% of the listeners.

Can we do this? Absolutely. KMSU listeners have proven time and again that they value the place that an independent media voice has in their community, and they realize the importance of their contributions. This has been illustrated by the sheer number of ten and twenty dollar pledges that we've received. This says that folks are willing to help out, even though they might not have a lot of extra cash, because they know how important their pledge is.

So right now I'm talking to you, remaining 90%. Your donation makes a big difference. Any amount helps. We can make this goal, but only if you take that step towards either renewing your membership, or becoming a brand new member.

We're here. We're waiting.


CALL 507-389-5678

OR 1-800-456-7810


Shyboy Tim and I just arrived at the station to find a note stating that we are now just $2,080 away from reaching the station goal of $25,ooo!! Please we can do this people - the phone numbers are above, please call!!

UPDATE! As of 8am Wednesday morning, Shuffle Function listeners (including four new members!) have pulled through and dropped the remaining drive amount down to $1745! KEEP UP THE PLEDGES! We're so close! CALL NOW!

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