Friday, April 16, 2010


Just a quick note to thank everyone who participated in Shuffle Function Radio Roulette!! It could have been the worst two hours of radio, but it was actually probably one of the best rounds of Radio Roulette we've ever had. Thanks also to the Radio Gods, who are apparently big fans of Baconaise. It was a great way to celebrate having met the KMSU Spring Pledge Drive goal because Shyboy Tim and I had a chance to talk with so many of you. Other than the very first track ShyBoy Tim chose to kick things off, listeners were responsible for all of the other picks. That was pretty awesome.

Tomorrow is Record Store Day, a celebration of independently owned mom and pop record stores across the nation. Every year musicians offer up a chance to grab up some Record Day exclusives on vinyl, and this year has some amazing jaw-dropping items to choose from, not to mention all the new releases!! Surf over to the official web site for more information and locations, but I expect to see a bunch of you outside Tune Town at 10:00 am tomorrow morning! If you are a facebook fan, I would encourage you to head over to the Tune Town fan page. You can start compiling your shopping list!


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