Thursday, April 29, 2010


When I was out and about the other day I overheard a conversation that at first horrified me, then made me nauseous, and then got me thinking. Word on the street is that Hollywood is remaking Apocalypse Now. If you listen to the show at all, you know that there is nothing I hate more than remakes. Case in point: Texas Chainsaw Massacre. BUT WHY WOULD ANYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WANT TO REMAKE THIS MASTERPIECE??!!! Is Hollywood simply incapable of having an original thought?

But then I heard who they actually have in mind for stepping in to the major roles of Apocalypse Now, and god help me, I actually found myself intrigued with possibilities.

My neice will be happy to hear that Zac Efron is being tapped to play the Martin Sheen character. If this fact alone prompts her to someday go back and see the original version of Apocolypse Now, then maybe this remake is not such a bad idea.

But wait, there's more.

I can't imagine anyone in Hollywood would have the balls to step into Brando's Kurtz, but apparently Will Ferrell is willing to try. Part of me thinks this is "doable", the part of me that has forgotten how much money I wasted seeing the "Land Of The Lost" remake. Fingers crossed I guess.

Are you feeling woozy? This might help.

This next casting suggestion is actually what made my dry heaves disappear. It would be a small part, but the actor that was rumored to be playing the wacked out Dennis Hopper part is none other than Zach Galafanakis!!!! I think that would be amazingly awesome - and even if the rest of the movie bombs (and I am sure it will be at the least very painfull)I will sit through it to see Zach.

I didn't hear who they said was being tapped to play Robert Duvall's character, let's just hope it's not someone like Robin Williams!! If they are looking for ideas, might I suggest Fred Armison for the surfer guy part? Or maybe David Koechner as Robert Duvall's part? I can't believe I am even thinking about this!!

Anyway, what do you think about this? All signs point to this being the biggest Hollywood mistake ever.......... in fact I wonder if someone like Adam McCay is involved in this. If I see anything else I will be sure to update this.

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