Friday, May 28, 2010


It was 9:30 when The Ledge's band moved to the stage. Shyboy Tim was given the once in a lifetime opportunity to introduce him, so he stepped up to the mic and let The Blue Whales do the talking. Jay, the guitar player, told Ledge to listen to the music, and to hit the stage when the moment felt right.

The moment felt right.


There is a video on The Ledge's Facebook page where he describes this particular chaps maneuver.

It gets hot on the stage, so it's important to wear layers...

...and underwear. Here are The Dark Knights.

Then The Ledge headed out the front door.

The Ledge got halfway down Front Street when a police car turned the corner. He ducked behind some cars, and that's when Shyboy Tim caught up with him, convincing him that he needed to go back and get his chaps. This is probably one of the most memorable moments for Shyboy Tim, in a day full of memorable moments.

After walking back to The Red Sky Lounge The Ledge stayed outside for quite a while signing his autograph and posting for pictures. When he went back inside he signed paper plates, and threw them around the room. The band said The Ledge has probably never signed so many autographs in his life.

KMSU listeners gave The Legendary Stardust Cowboy the biggest and best reception of his life, and after a career full of struggles and missed opportunities, he came away from the night incredibly happy. He was treated the kind of respect that he deserved, and you we can't thank you enough for that. It made a dream come true for us that more amazing.

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