Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The second phase of the Listener Appreciation day was an intimate in-store appearance by the legendary Fleshtones. We had heard from Joe Bonomo, author of Sweat (their biography) that the band had ripped up Lee's Liquor Lounge the night before, so expectations were high. They drove straight from the cities to Tune Town, tuned up, and blew the roof off the joint.

The counter at the River Hills Mall Tune Town. They're moving to Old Town in July, so remember it while you can!

Peter Zaremba snaps a photo of Bill Milhizer fine tuning the kit, while Keith Streng tunes up.

Tune Town hero Carl discusses Middle East Policy with Peter. Or not.

Peter with Deb A-Go-Go in front of The Wall of Fame. Deb was quite possibly more excited than ANYONE about the band coming to town, as she's loved them since day one.

The band rips into Girl From Baltimore. MAN, I wish I had the setlist that they played. All I can remember other than this is BYOB.

Ken Fox and Bill hold it together, while also looking supremely cool.

Peter and Bill lock into a groove

Somewhere I've seen a photo of Keith performing a death defying leap from this chair, but now I can't find it. If you have it, send it to!

Keith show the metal section who's boss.

The guys signed a bunch of stuff.

Shelley and Peter discuss the finer points of The Three Stooges.
The guys played for about a half hour or so, and there is video floating around. It was a great performance, but man... you should have been at The Red Sky Lounge. If you were, you know what I'm talking about , but if you weren't... man...

Pictures to come.

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Joe Bonomo said...

The fellas delivered, as always. I know that they had a great time, too.