Monday, June 21, 2010

New Location for Tune Town

This morning Carl opened the door of his new Tune Town, located at 630 N. Riverfront Drive. If you are like me and prefer landmarks for directions, Tune Town is in the old Denco Light shop kitty corner from the Ole'. A store like Tune Town is a must for me - I can't even begin to imagine what life would be like in Mankato without a Mom and Pop record shop. Simply put, it would suck. Music Geeks!!! Be sure and to do your part to support Carl in his first week of business in the new digs.

This is what the store looks like from the front of the shop - vinyl is along the left hand wall, and CDs take up the rest of the floor space. Note the amazing Superman Blue of the walls. I know they will be covered in posters and merchandise soon, so enjoy the vast blue while you can.

Shyboy Tim is the first customer in the new digs.

The first twenty people in the door also got a new Tune Town logo shirt designed by The Dirty Bird herself, Nora Myers.

Last but not least, here is the Mom and Pop behind Tune Town, Carl and Karen with their kids Avery and Henry.

Today I picked up the Beatles Anthology DVD Boxset. Once I get an opportunity to wade through it all, I should be able to hold my own with the pros (i.e. Shyboy Tim). Congratulations to Carl and Karen and all the folks at Tune Town.



Anonymous said...

Henry looks scared, maybe that's because Carl looks like Jack Nicholson from the Shinning; redrum, redrum.

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