Saturday, July 31, 2010


For some unexplained reason, we're unable to get any audio in the Wiecking auditorium. Unfortunately, there is no IT staff on-hand to fix the problem, since it is the weekend and Summer. As a result, we're forced to cancel both the matinee and tonight's Grind-Fu Cinema.

I'm terribly sorry for this. This Grind-Fu has been something I've been looking forward to ever since we came up with the 2010 lineup. Quite honestly, I needed this Grind-Fu. Believe me, this was beyond our control, and we wouldn't give up unless it was a last resort.

Most of all, I want to apologize to all the kids that were looking forward to seeing Willy Wonka in a movie theater. I hope some day that you will get the opportunity to do this, as it is a great film to see with lots of people.

Again, I'm really sorry. We're both really sorry. This breaks my heart.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to deal with this! Just so you know, the Nordmeiers (sans the Carl) went to plan B and cooled off at Hiniker Pond and had a blast!
Thanks for all you guys do to make living in Mankato pretty cool.