Friday, August 06, 2010


We had a great tip from a listener this morning about about a Zombie Pub Crawl taking place this Saturday in Owatonna. If you'd like to attend the gory festivities (and who wouldn't!) follow this link to the newspaper story. It will give you all the wheres and whens that you will need to get your zombie on.

Shyboy Tim and I have a little bartering in mind for those of you out there in Shuffle Function land that might head over to Owatonna for the Zombie Crawl. We have always loved receiving photos of our listeners in interesting locales sporting their Shuffle Function t-shirts. So here is the deal:

1) Dress up like a zombie and gore up your Shuffle Function t-shirt accordingly.

2) Take a picture of yourself in your zombie glory.

3) Send us that picture, and your gooey zombified Shuffle Function t-shirt, and we will swap out a brand new t-shirt for you!

It is pretty simple really. A t-shirt for a t-shirt. You can mail them to us at the station, or deliver them in person. Our mailing address is:

Shuffle Function c/o KMSU
205 A.F.B. MSU Mankato
Mankato, Mn. 56001

Our email address is

Good Luck Zombie Music Geeks!

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