Monday, August 02, 2010


Saturday really sucked you guys. See the picture above - that is a picture Tim took of me after we cancelled the matinee for Willy Wonka (that's me on the right). We were so excited for this particular Grind-Fu Cinema, and to have it derailed by a faulty volume control broke our Willy Wonka loving hearts. We cannot apologize enough to everyone that was planning on attending or did show up for the screenings. Sorry just doesn't cut it, I know.

I have two things I want you to know.

Number one - tune in to tomorrow's Shuffle Function morning show for details on what we are thinking of doing with the Grind-Fu Cinema line-up. We are still discussing it, but will have things hammered out by tomorrow morning. Of course we will post some info here on the blog after we have made the final decision.

Number two - I have the IT department on it. I called them first thing this morning and met them at the auditorium. Somewhat to my relief I was told that nothing like the problem we encountered has ever happened before. Tim and I pressed so many buttons and tried out so many different options Saturday afternoon in an attempt at getting the audio to work. We did this for hours!! My relief stems from not watching some tech guy come in, press one button, and resolve the issue. When I left the Weicking Auditorium this morning they were still up in the air about what was wrong but they assured me it would be fixed for the next Grind-Fu Cinema.

Again I want to apologize to you all for any inconvenience the cancellation may have caused. We hope to make it up to you.


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