Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This is what the poster for the event looks like when you tape it to your living room wall.

KMSU has always been the spot on your radio dial for songs and music you can't hear on those other radio stations. This concert series is no different. Dave from Free Form Freakout has hand picked some pretty amazing bands to trek south to Kato land on October 2nd to play at the What's Up Lounge. The event kicks off officially across the street at Tune Town with Mankato's Old Towne Ghosts taking the stage. At 9:30 those of us 21 and up will walk over to the What's Up Lounge to hear 3 bands from the Twin Cities.
They are:
Skoal Kodiak


Mother Of Fire

Couldn't find a video of them, but go here to read a bit about them and hear a tune.

Five bucks gets you in to see all of these bands - and we will be talking more about it between now and then. We sure hope you can join us, and I can't wait to see the shenanigans! Mark your calendars for October 2nd, and we will see you there!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Songs to Put Nessie In The Mood

This morning I came across an article about Kevin Carylon, the high priest of UK White Witches, forays into the world of pirate radio. He bought a bunch of radio equipment on eBay and now intends to take over the radio waves on the shores of Loch Ness. Carylon plans on playing ten songs that will entice the Loch Ness Monster to show itself. Because he will be illegally broadcasting at 106.8 fm, he has withheld a date for the Nessie rock show, but he has stated he hopes to complete the task before October.

There is so much to love about this story that I don't know where to begin!

The first issue he has dealt with is a logistical one. How can he be sure that the Loch Ness Monster will hear the radio broadcast? I was part of the Mankato Manta Swim Team growing up, and occasionally we'd have our practices in the big pool at MSU. They had a system that allowed music to be played under the water - some kind of stereo gizmo something or other - and it was awesome. Does Carylon have a crack team of stereo scientists working out a similar system for the murky depths of Loch Ness? No. He does not. He has bought half a dozen radios that he plans to place along the shoreline on the day of the historic broadcast.

I hope they are Radio Raheem sized boom boxes, or it might be tough to hear - OH WAIT!!! Maybe that is his intention all along!!! Nessie will hear a few faint chords, become curious, and have no choice but to surface and swim to shore to see who is singing that song!!! BRILLIANT!!!

He has not yet decided on a playlist, stating "I don't know which ten I am going to pick yet, but I have plenty of options. I will probably pick a mixture of monster and witchy related songs." And so, LET ME BE THE FIRST TO OPEN UP THE "PICK THE SONGS TO PLAY FOR THE LOCH NESS MONSTER" OFFICE POOL. Of course, there is no money involved with this, only street cred - the kind of self esteem that will flow like the flooded Minnesota River. You will strut down the street and folks will step aside and whisper to one another "He (or she) was able to correctly guess all ten songs that the witch played for Nessie!" That sounds like fun, doesn't it? If you want to have a go at guessing, make a list in the comment section or email us at shufflefunction@hotmail.com

I haven't sat down with a pen and paper yet to compile my list of ten possible songs, but I hope he will include this little ditty........................

I will keep my eye on this and let you know what happens. Good Luck to Nessie Pirate Radio!



SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 (1585) Shuffle Function Talk Like A Pirate Day

1. Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
2. Tom Waits - sea of love
3. Joseph Arthur - coast of High Barbary
4. Nina Simone - pirate Jenny
5. The Beach Boys - sloop John B
6. Stan Ridgeway - hanging Johnny
7. Beatles - you won't see me (stereo)
8. Arthur Lyman - theme to Hawaii 5-0
9. Adam and The Ants - stand and deliver
10. Stephen Malkmus - the hook
11. The Waterboys - strange boat
12. Thomas Dolby - Europa and the pirate twins
13. San Jaquin School District Orchestra - Popeye the Sailor Man
14. Lambchop - national talk like a pirate day
15. They Might Be Giants - 9 pirate girls
16. The Beach Boys - sail on sailor
17. The Monkees - randy scouse git
18. David Thomas - what do we do with a drunken sailor?
19. Echo and the Bunnymen - seven seas
20. Velvet underground - the ocean

SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 (1586)
1. Beatles - a hard days night (mono)
2. Mother Of Fire - death's apprentice
3. Tender Trap - fireworks
4. Surfer Blood - neighbor riffs
5. Beulah - a good man is easy to kill
6. Nada Surf - electrocution
7. The Plugz - el clavo y la cruz
8. Wayne Co. and The Electric Chairs - thunder
9. Neil Young - walk with me
10. Mavis Staples - in christ there is no east or west
11. Leslie Hall - zombie killer (Chastity Pariah Remix)
12. Loretta Lynn w/Jack White - Portland, Oregon
13. Morrissey - I'm throwing my arms around Paris
14. Led Zeppelin - ramble on
15. Grinderman - palaces of Montezuma
16. Backbeat Band - rock n roll music
17. Beatles - you can't do that (stereo)

SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 (1587)
1. Daniel Johnston - walking the cow
2. Leonard Cohen - famous blue raincoat
3. Marianne Faithfull - no child of mine
4. Elvis Costello and The Attractions - what's so funny about peace love and understanding?
5. The Smiths - that joke isn't funny anymore
6. Mavis Staples - don't knock
7. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - there she goes my beautiful world
8. Nico - I'll keep it with me
9. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - beware your only friend
10. Judy Henske and Jerry Yester - snowblind
11. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - lie down here and be my girl
12. David Bowie - life on mars?
13. Paul Westerberg - tears rolling up our sleeves
14. Frank Black - headache

SEPTEMBER 23, 2010 (1588)
1. Yo La Tengo - coloured
2. Bob Dylan - Queen Jane approximately
3. Thee American Revolution - blow my mind
4. Shadows of Knight - shake '66
5. Bruce Springsteen - Rosalita
6. Red Pens - weekdays
7. Sonic Youth - rain on tin
8. XTC - that's really super, supergirl
9. A.C. Newman - the palace at 4 a.m.
10. The Black Angels - telephone
11. No Bunny - blow dumb
12. Ramones - do you remember rock n roll radio?
13. George Harrison - let it down
14. Skoal Kodiak - nerve dice
15. Modest Mouse - gravity rides everything
16. The Feelies - fa ce la
17. Ramones - teenage lobotomy
18. Los Himbres - let it all hang out
19. Stark Effect - stop! I'm watching t.v.!

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 (1589)
1. Neil Young - walk with me
2. The 101 Strings - a hard day's night
3. The Ramones - I wanna be sedated
4. The Fleshtones - soul struttin'
5. Redd Kross - only a girl
6. Weezer - smart girls
7. The Kinks - she's got everything
8. Ramones - blitzkreig bop
9. The Soft Boys - queen of eyes
10. Peggy Lee - a hard day's night
11. Damned - new rose
12. Crocodiles - hallow hallow eyes
13. The Cramps - bikini girls with machine guns
14. Velvet Underground - run run run
15. New Pornographers - crash years
16. The Jalopy 5 - a hard days night
17. The Happy Hammond - a hard days night
18. Ramones - pinhead

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One of the weirdest parts of Beatles lore is the rumor that Paul McCartney died on November 9th, 1966, and was replaced by a look alike. The world found out about his death through clues that The Beatles placed in their recordings and on their album covers.

Is this real? Uuuuuummmm... You be the judge.

On Thursday, September 23rd @ 6:00pm, Shuffle Function is looking into this mysterious chapter of the band's history by presenting loads of backwards messages and geeky discussion, including an interview with Joel Gilbert, the director of Paul Really Is Dead: The Testament of George Harrison. It's an entertaining documentary that claims to present recordings by George Harrison that reveal EVERYTHING that went down that rainy November morning.

It's a very weird tale, and it's all going down on KMSU. Listen at 89.7fm in the Mankato area, 91.3fm in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. Online at kmsu.org.

Monday, September 20, 2010


This is horrible. An american version of The IT Crowd, with Joel McHale as Roy. At least it has the REAL Moss. I'd watch this crappy show just for him. Thankfully, they never put this version into production. STICK TO THE BRITISH VERSION!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 (1580)
1. The Mops - I'm just a mops
2. Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20
3. Stars - dead hearts
4. Robert Pollard - arrows and balloons
5. Judson Fountain - granny sing no more
6. James Brown - super bad (pts 1 + 2)
7. Tyme - land of a 1,000 dances
8. Plastic Ono Band - blue suede shoes
9. Beatles - revolution #9 (stereo)
10. Beatles - it's all too much (stereo)
11. Computer Perfection - how I won the war
12. Red Shadow Economic Rock N' Roll Band - understanding Marx

SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 (1581)
1. Robyn Hitchcock - if you were a priest
2. James Chance - contort yourself
3. Les Savy fav - lips n stuff
4. Morrissey - everyday is like Sunday
5. Jenny and Johnny - scissor runner
6. Beach Boys - I know there's an answer
7. The Wannadies - might be stars
8. Bruce Haack - incantation
9. Band Of Horses - compliments
10. Wedding Present - red shoes by the drugstore
11. Red Pens - hung out
12. Creedence Clearwater Revival - bad moon rising
13. Beastie Boys - intergalactic
14. Public Enemy - B side wins again
15. Go Home Productions - jet lady joe
16. Little Richard - tutti frutti

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 (1582)
1. The Kinks - big sky
2. Modern Superstition - go between
3. Velocity Girl - pop loser
4. Flaming Lips - race for the prize
5. Holly Golightly - tell me now so I know
6. No Bunny - live it up
7. From Bubblegum To Sky - I always fall apart
8. The New Standards - is that all there is
9. The Monkees - what am I doin' hanging round?
10. Leonard Cohen - first we take Manhattan
11. No Age - prowler
12. Weezer - trainwrecks
13. Coralie Clemente - l'impasse
14. Joy Division - transmission
15. Crocodiles - hallow hallow eyes
16. Flying Burritto Brothers - at the dark end of the street
17. Bob Dylan - like a rolling stone

SEPTEMBER 16, 2010 (1583)
1. Dillinger 4 - Gainsville
2. Devo - beautiful world
3. Dungen - hogdalstoppen
4. Syd Barrett - gigolo aunt
5. Dandy Warhols - bohemian like you
6. Brian Jonestown Massacre - not of you were the last Dandy on earth
7. Arcade Fire - month of May
8. Nada Surf - love and anger
9. Sonny and The Sunsets - lovin on an older woman
10. Daniel Johnston - mind movies
11. Sonic Youth - turquoise boy
12. T Rex - ride a white swan
13. Willima Shatner - common people
14. Supergrass - allright
15. Bingo Gazingo Shuffle Function I.D.
16. Ben Folds Five - Uncle Walter
17. Brady Bunch - candy (sugar shoppe)
18. T Rex - jeepster
19. Sweet - little Willy

SEPTEMBER 17. 2010 (1584)
1. Jonathan Richman - my little girl has a full time Daddy now
2. Haze - higher groove
3. Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Cortez The Killer
4. The Rutles - piggies in the middle (stereo)
5. Beatles - strawberry fields forever (take 1) (stereo?)
6. Mulatu Astatke - yerkemo sew
7. The Moving Sidewalks - 99th floor
8. Freelance Hellraiser - it ain't hard to tell
9. Vivian Girls - double vision
10. No Age - common heat
11. The Monkees - going down
12. Circle Jerks - I want to destroy you
13. Frankie Rose and The Outs - candy
14. The Intelligents - tuned to puke
15. Magic Kids - phone
16. Film School - sunny day
17. Brian Jonestown Massacre - swallowtail
18. Georgina Dobson and Cupboard Simon - the message


SEPTEMBER 6, 2010 (1575)
1. Sly and The Family Stone - dance to the music
2. Black Angels - haunting at 1300 McKinley
3. Red Pens - children and the kids
4. Woods - blood dries darker
5. Belle and Sebastian - the state I am in
6. David Byrne - social studies
7. Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker - cousin mosquito #1
8. Ben Folds Five - don't change your plans
9. Tom Waits - ol '55
10. Skoal Kodiak - non physical cats
11. Captain Beefheart - safe as milk
12. The Feelies - paint it black
13. The Soft Boys - there's nobody like you
14. Harlem Hippies - friendly ghosts
15. They Might Be Giants - teh guitar (lion sleeps tonight)
16. Written In The Sand - u.f.o. disaster
17. Built To Spill - conventional wisdom

SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 (1576)
1. Beach Boys - be true to your school
2. Grinderman - heathen child
3. Keith Moon - the kids are allright
4. Kelley Stoltz - I don't get that
5. Jolly Green Giants - caught you red handed
6. Arcade Fire - we used to wait
7. The Spectors - oh how to do now
8. The Who - a quick one (while he's away)
9. Black Tambourine - I was wrong
10. Husker Du - turn on the news
11. Velvet Underground - foggy notion
12. Grant Hart - you are the reflection of the moon on the water
13. Nina Simone - here comes the sun
14. Wayne - deep bossom woman
15. K-Os - uptown girl
16. The Cramps - garbage man
17. Led Zeppelin - babe, I'm going to leave you
18. Keith Moon - in my life

SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 (1577)
1. Preston School Of Industry - get yr cryons out
2. Quintron - miniature breakdown
3. Eileen - les bottes sont fa hes pour marcher
4. Quantic Soul Orchestra - pushin' on
5. The Kaisers - just a little bit
6. The Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
7. Beatles - yer blues (stereo)
8. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - as I gaze (mixed emotions)
9. Sonic Youth - Reena
10. Pixies - debaser
11. Bobby gentry - ode to Billy Joe
12. R.E.M. -how the west was won and where it got us
13. Yoko Ono w/Porcupine Tree - death of Samantha
14. Talking Heads - big daddy
15. X - see how we are

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010 (1578)
1. The Only Ones - another girl another planet
2. Magic Kids - phone
3. Red On Green - gravity talks
4. David Bowie - oh you pretty things
5. John Cale - people who died
6. The Intelligents - sailor itch
7. Mummy The Peep show - boys don't cry
8. The Meligrove Band - ghosts at my back
9. Flaming Lips - waiton' for a superman
10. Les Savy Fav - let's get out of here
11. Beatles - get back (stereo)
12. Otis Redding and Carla Thomas - tramp
13. The Heavy - sixteen
14. James Brown - there was a time (Kenny Dope remix)
15. King Khan and The BBQ Show - captain captain
16. Pixies - where is my mind?
17. !!! - wannagain wannagain
18. MGMT - flash delerium
19. Otis Redding - Mr. Pitiful
20. Tom Tom Club - genius of love
21. James Last - giant man
22. Black Angels - sunday afternoon

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 (1579)
1. Happy Birthday - girls fm
2. Marianne Faithfull - hold on hold on
3. Rolling Stones - jigsaw puzzle
4. Elvis Costello - I dreamed of my old lover
5. George Harrison - beware of darkness
6. Pavement - summer babe (winter version)
7. The Who - slip kid
8. Guided By Voices - glad girls
9. Lou reed - perfect day
10. John Cale - perfect
11. Matthew Sweet - girlfriend
12. Maarianne Faithfull - beware of darkness
13. Talking Heads - heaven
14. Jimi Hendrix - hear my train a comin'
15. Beatles - dig a pony (stereo)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The official TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY falls on September 19th. That's on a Sunday. That sucks, because the morning show aint on. Soooo...
Monday, September 20th, Shuffle Function is having their own talk like a pirate day! Sod it. We're gonna talk like a pirate all morning, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Friday, September 10, 2010


On Saturday, September 25th, we have the Rock and Roll Grind-Fu Cinema, featuring The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night, and The Ramones in Rock 'N' Roll High School. The movies start at seven. Now, for you hardcore Beatles geeks (and I know you're out there) we're doing something special beginning at five:


We're gonna be killing a couple of hours before Grind-Fu playing the all-Beatles edition of Trivial Pursuit! PLUS, we're gonna be listening to the MONO mixes of the Beatles albums! It's gonna be geektastic.

If you read some online reviews of the game, you'll notice that many of them piss and moan about the game being too hard. POSERS! It's a game of Trivial Pursuit, not hand holding time for people that own Beatles One! For those of you considering attending, here's a head's up on the six trivia categories in the game:

Albums & Singles
The Beatles In America
On Their Own

Is it difficult? I dunno. I had a lot of fun when Shelley and I played it on Beatles Remasters day (9-9-09.) It gets pretty obscure. The point of the thing is that it's gonna be Beatles geeks hanging out and doing what Beatles geeks do: Being geeky. If you don't know the answers, don't even sweat it. This game stumps pros, so it aint nuthin' but a thang.

According to the official site for Beatles Trival Pursuit, many of the questions came from the books:

"The Beatles Are Coming! The Birth of Beatlemania In America"

"Beatles Solo On Apple Records"

Both books are by Bob Spizer.

As far as books I'd personally recommend, here are some favorites:

"The Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Abbey Road Studio Session Notes" by Mark Lewisohn

"The Beatles: The Biography" by Bob Spitz

"You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After The Breakup" by Peter Doggett

"The Unreleased Beatles: Music & Film" by Richie Unterberger

"Shout! The Beatles In Their Generation" by Philip Norman

"The Beatles" by Hunter Davies

"Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording The Music of The Beatles" by Geoff Emerick

"The Beatles Anthology" by The Beatles

Uuuum... Uh... I think I might have a one track mind. Anyway, all these books are pretty great, and if there are questions in Beatles Trivial Pursuit that cannot be answered by reading these books, then the questions are completely made up.

ANYWAY... It's gonna be a good time. A splendid time is guaranteed for all, and all that. If the group gets too big we'll just set up teams for total Beatles Trivia domination.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010



Grind-Fu Cinema Presents
The Beatles in


The Ramones in

Saturday, September 25th @ 7:00pm
Wiecking 220 Auditorium
Minnesota State University, Mankato


This month Grind-Fu Cinema presents two unbelievable rock and roll movie masterpieces! FOR FREE! Bring your own snacks, your own sodas, and your own friends, and settle in for movies you wanna dance to. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Also, this is the second to last Grind-Fu Cinema of the year, so take advantage of it while you can!

I'm the new boy in town! Where can I go?

Monday, September 06, 2010


This is what the poster for the event looks like when you tape it to your living room wall.

KMSU has always been the spot on your radio dial for songs and music you can't hear on those other radio stations. This concert series is no different. Dave from Free Form Freakout has hand picked some pretty amazing bands to trek south to Kato land on October 2nd to play at the What's Up Lounge. The event kicks off officially across the street at Tune Town with Mankato's Old Towne Ghosts taking the stage. At 9:30 those of us 21 and up will walk over to the What's Up Lounge to hear 3 bands from the Twin Cities.
They are:
Skoal Kodiak


Mother Of Fire

Couldn't find a video of them, but go here to read a bit about them and hear a tune.

Five bucks gets you in to see all of these bands - and we will be talking more about it between now and then. We sure hope you can join us, and I can't wait to see the shenanigans! Mark your calendars for October 2nd, and we will see you there!


AUGUST 30, 2010 (1570)
1. Dave Clark Five - can't you see that she's mine
2. Castle Talk - fall asleep
3. David Bowie - ashes to ashes
4. Matt Costa - witchcraft
5. Velvet Underground - venus in furs
6. Richard and Linda Thompson - shoot out the lights
7. Film School - sunny day
8. Patti Smith - walking barefoot
9. Velvet Underground - temptation inside your heart
10. Beatles - a hard days night (mono)
11. Young Veins - young veins (die tonight)
12. Nick Lowe - cruel to be kind
13. Gordan Gano and The Ryans - man in the sand
14. !!! - am/fm
15. Dirtbombs - ode to a black man
16. James Brown - down and out in NY City
17. Gene Vincent - bebop a lula

AUGUST 31, 2010 (1571)
1. MGMT - it's working
2. XTC - no thugs in our house
3. Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick and Tich - hold tight
4. The Standells - dirty water
5. Grinderman - heathen child
6. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - paralyzed
7. Kelley Stoltz - I don't get that
8. Badfinger - no matter what
9. Beatles - baby you're a rich man (stereo)
10. Skoal Kodiak - tinsel lounge
11. Whotesands/Badlands - statue park
12. Brute Heart - demons
13. Nick Drake - northern sky
14. Shuggie Otis - inspiration information
15. Jeremy Jay - just dial my number
16. The Creation - making time

SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 (1572)
1. Go Home Productions - who fooled Kylie
2. Torches In Trees - caves
3. The 45's - bad reputation
4. Doris Luhjan - for you are my junkie
5. Dungen - skit I alt
6. Serge Gainsbourg - initials B.B.
7. The Walkmen - woe is me
8. The Intelligents - like like like like like like like
9. Fleshtones - mean ol' lonesome train
10. Nico - evening of light
11. Black Angels - sunday afternoon
12. 13th Floor Elevators - slip inside this house
13. Paper Tigers w/Dessa - palace
14. Nada Surf - ice on the wing
15. Mama and the Papas - I saw her again
16. Jenny and Johnny - scissor runner
17. Yoko Ono - walking on thin ice
18. Lou Reed - men of good fortune

SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 (1573)
1. Andrew Bird - fiery crash
2. Flaming Lips - waiting for a superman
3. Beatles - rain (stereo)
4. Red Pens - weekdays
5. Nina Simone - seems I'm never tired loving you
6. Red On Green - gravity talks
7. Black Angels - bad vibrations
8. Bellport High School Jazz Rock Ensemble - me and baby brother
9. James Brown - soul power
10. Paul Butterfeldd Blues band - one more heartache
11. Blitzen Trapper - destroyer of the void
12. Downliners Sect - why don't
13. The Liter - action woman
14. Guided By Voices - don't stop now
15. Blanket Music - cat corps
16. Yo La Tengo - autumn sweater
17. Beck - girl
18. The Blank Tapes - I saw the satellites
19. Mother Of Fire - teh eyes in the trees
20. Flying Burritto Brothers - sin city
21. Magic Kids - hey boy
22. Belle and Sebastan - the blues are still blue
23. AC/DC - whole lotta Rosie
24. Beatles - bad boy (stereo)
25. Daniel Johnston - I saw her standing there

SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 (1574)
1. Yo La Tengo - route 66
2. Lawrence Arabia - applepie bed
3. Sex Pistols - submission
4. Modern Lovers - dignified and old
5. Crispin Glover - these boots were made for walking
6. Darker My Love - split minute
7. Gil Scott Heron - New York is killng me
8. Perfume Genius - look out look out
9. Roy Orbison - in dreams
10. Lou Reed and John Cale - forever changed
11. MC Frontalot - scapegoat
12. Greg Dulli - cigarettes
13. Hold Steady - sequestered in Memphis
14. Blue Giant - blue sunshine
15. Beatles - don't pass me by (mono)
16. The Oranges - saturday nght
17. Buddy Rich Orchestra - the beat goes on
18. Billy Schuh and The Foundry Factory - buy/sell/trade
19. Rolling Stones - jumping jack flash


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Stuff to Watch While Listening to Shuffle Function

Saw this a few weeks back on boing boing, and have not been able to stop watching it. Here is a picture of what you will see, but follow this link and you too can get sucked into the monkey and goat void!

Not that you will ever get sicking of watching this clip - but here is a back-up video for your Shuffle Function listening. Tim just strolled across this on the web after showed him the clip above. Another cool factor for this - it comes from a Werner Herzog film!

Have any other suggestions for videos to watch while listening to Shuffle Function? Send us a link at our email address, shufflefunction@hotmail.com