Friday, September 10, 2010


On Saturday, September 25th, we have the Rock and Roll Grind-Fu Cinema, featuring The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night, and The Ramones in Rock 'N' Roll High School. The movies start at seven. Now, for you hardcore Beatles geeks (and I know you're out there) we're doing something special beginning at five:


We're gonna be killing a couple of hours before Grind-Fu playing the all-Beatles edition of Trivial Pursuit! PLUS, we're gonna be listening to the MONO mixes of the Beatles albums! It's gonna be geektastic.

If you read some online reviews of the game, you'll notice that many of them piss and moan about the game being too hard. POSERS! It's a game of Trivial Pursuit, not hand holding time for people that own Beatles One! For those of you considering attending, here's a head's up on the six trivia categories in the game:

Albums & Singles
The Beatles In America
On Their Own

Is it difficult? I dunno. I had a lot of fun when Shelley and I played it on Beatles Remasters day (9-9-09.) It gets pretty obscure. The point of the thing is that it's gonna be Beatles geeks hanging out and doing what Beatles geeks do: Being geeky. If you don't know the answers, don't even sweat it. This game stumps pros, so it aint nuthin' but a thang.

According to the official site for Beatles Trival Pursuit, many of the questions came from the books:

"The Beatles Are Coming! The Birth of Beatlemania In America"

"Beatles Solo On Apple Records"

Both books are by Bob Spizer.

As far as books I'd personally recommend, here are some favorites:

"The Beatles Recording Sessions: The Official Abbey Road Studio Session Notes" by Mark Lewisohn

"The Beatles: The Biography" by Bob Spitz

"You Never Give Me Your Money: The Beatles After The Breakup" by Peter Doggett

"The Unreleased Beatles: Music & Film" by Richie Unterberger

"Shout! The Beatles In Their Generation" by Philip Norman

"The Beatles" by Hunter Davies

"Here, There and Everywhere: My Life Recording The Music of The Beatles" by Geoff Emerick

"The Beatles Anthology" by The Beatles

Uuuum... Uh... I think I might have a one track mind. Anyway, all these books are pretty great, and if there are questions in Beatles Trivial Pursuit that cannot be answered by reading these books, then the questions are completely made up.

ANYWAY... It's gonna be a good time. A splendid time is guaranteed for all, and all that. If the group gets too big we'll just set up teams for total Beatles Trivia domination.


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