Sunday, October 17, 2010


The final Grind-Fu Cinema of the season is fast approaching, and boy oh boy is it a doozy with a double bill of Suspiria and Se7en. We have a tradition of marking the end of the season with cake, which I realize probably sounds very civil and proper, but believe me our choice of cake designs is anything but.
[cue flashback music montage]
Let's have a look back - beginning October 25th, 2008.

This particular night was a dream come true for Shyboy Tim, and we had to have a cake befitting the occasion. I borrowed a book on H.G. Lewis from Shyboy Tim and brought it to our cake decorator extraordinaire, Amber for inspiration. We paged through photos like this,

and decided to turn one of these poor female victims into a cake to be eaten and enjoyed by all the Blood Trilogy attendees. Amber really out did herself with this one, and it brought a tear to Shyboy Tim's eyes. Have a look for yourself:

Shyboy Tim and I break out the red velvet cake bloody costumes for the first time

before we cut the cake

view from the side of the cake

view from the top of the cake

2009's final Grind-Fu Cinema event was all about zombies, and we definitely wanted the celebratory cake to reflect that. The design concept was really a no brainer (pun intended) for us, and with Amber's amazing cake decoration skills we managed to disgust and shock everyone who joined us that year.

A very serious Shyboy Tim and Shelley

the zombie cake to end all zombie cakes

a look from above

and maybe a little closer than you'd care to see!

Top secret negotiations between Amber and Shuffle Function have been in the works for months concerning the Grind-Fu Cinema cake design for 2010. As Shyboy Tim put it the other morning on the show, folks come for the movies, but they stay for the cake! We sure hope you can join us October 30th for the festivities. Suspiria begins at 7 p.m., cake will be served during intermission, and we will end the season with Se7en. Feel free to show off your Halloween costume too!!


they all want cake

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