Friday, October 01, 2010


Last year I did a post a day on the blog for October in honor of my favorite holiday, Halloween. I had so much fun with it that I decided to do it again this year, so I guess that officially makes it a TRADITION. Starting with this post I will be tossing alot of appropriately spooky creepy material your way. Grab your security blanket, stuffed animals, holy water and buckle up kids! It's going to be a scary October!

At the end of the month we have the last double bill of films for Grind-Fu Cinema for the season. We will be screening Se7en and Suspiria. As I have shared on the air, Suspiria is the only movie that I have attempted to watch, and just couldn't do it. We were in the legendary home theater of Scooter Polanski's and all set for a night of fright. Suspiria began, and right off the bat I was uncomfortable. After ten minutes I'd had enough and turned to Tim and asked if we could watch something else. I must have looked pretty scared because Tim didn't joke around and make fun of me, he and Scooter just turned it off and said they understood. That is what we have in store for you on October 30!

No other film has ever come close to the fear I felt with Suspiria, but my attempt to watch The Amityville Horror while babysitting alone in high school. I never read the entire book concerning the possible hauntings - but like everybody else I knew, I'd paged through the pictures. I found the photos of Jodie the Pig drawn by the children of the Lutz family truly frightening.

There was also an uncanny resemblance between the house in Amityville Horror and a house just down the block from mine. I babysat A LOT growing up, and on one particular evening I was fortunate enough to be at a house with HBO. The Amityville Horror movie was on, the kids were asleep in bed and I thought "Why not?". Stupid move on my part. I lasted just long enough to see the exterior of the house and turned the channel. I couldn't watch it.

It was such an icon of the 80's, those windows, and if you have a little over a million dollars to play with those windows could be yours. The scene of the brutal slayings of the DeFeo family and the evil that later haunted the Lutz family is for sale.

I found the web site for the real estate company that is handling the sale, and it is possible to take A VIRTUAL TOUR OF THE AMITYVILLE HORROR HOUSE!! Here is the link for the site. Turn of the lights, put on the Suspiria soundtrack and click on the tiny house on the right where it says Virtual Tour. I DARE YOU!! If you want a little history on the house itself there are a thousand web sites out there for you to investigate. Here is a link to a site that has posted all of a documentary film called The Real Amityville Horror. And for the official website of the Defeo slayings check this site out. And if you REALLY need to wet your whistle (and have a few hours free) dive into this discussion board.

I'll let you get to it. Enjoy the tour, and say to yourself "It's only a movie, it's only a movie, it's only a movie.........." I'll be back tomorrow with another Halloween blog post - so see you then.


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