Thursday, October 21, 2010

BLACK JACK EDITION OF THE SHUFFLE FUNCTION COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN (that's post #21 to those of you who don't gamble)

Today is Lux Interior's Birthday Folks!
We celebrated by playing a lot of Cramps on the morning show, but I thought this might be a good opportunity to turn a few of you onto this amazing band. I fell in love with them after watching them in the amazing musical collection of live performances called URGH! A Musical War. I watched this the week before we began hosting Shuffle Function, and ran out to buy anything I could find by the band.

Fortunately that was their seminal 1984 release called BAD MUSIC FOR BAD PEOPLE.

This is a great place to start your collection Shuffle Functioneers, because that is exactly what you are going to do after you watch these performance clips!

Here is where it all began for me. The Cramps with Tear It Up from URGH! A Musical War:

The Cramps singing Human Fly in 1981:

The Cramps singing Bikini Girls With Machine Guns and Mule Skinner Blues:

And if those clips don't have you convinced, then surely this will. This next performance is available on DVD, and it is The Cramps performing a live set in 1978 for the mental patients at The Napa State Hospital in California. IT IS AMAZING!!

That should probably do it. Be sure to tune in next Friday morning to Shuffle Function when we will play the Purple Knif show by Lux Interior in it's entirety on vinyl. It is from a show he taped in 1984 for radio broadcast, and it is basically Lux Interior playing 45 records from his own collection - the music that inspired and informed The Cramps. It is must hear radio folks so don't miss it!!


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