Friday, October 15, 2010


This morning while surfing around my usual haunts on-line I came across a link for how to build this guy.

That is Stephen Hawking. Here is a link for making the miniature sized Stephen Hawking.

If you are familiar with our Shuffle Function Pop Music Pajama Parties, then you know that he was a regular in several "episodes", along with Bigfoot and Baby Loch Ness Monster. This got me thinking.............

Here is a Lego Baby Loch Ness Monster.

Here is a Lego Bigfoot.

Now I know what your'e thinking. Is there a Lego version of music writer and uber-collecter Byron Coley, also featured in our Bigfoot and Baby Loch Ness Pop Music Pajama Parties.

Sadly, there is not. There is however lego versions of Yoko Ono! Do you remember her role in these Pop Music Pajama Parties?!


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