Thursday, October 07, 2010

Halloween Countdown - One Week Gone - Post # 7

Time flies when you are scaring the crap out of people, but first let me extend A BIG THANKS TO ALL THE RADIO HEROES WHO STEPPED UP THIS MORNING AND MADE THEIR PLEDGE TO KMSU!! We are only two days into the pledge drive, so if you have not yet had a chance to make your financial pledge to support community radio please do so now. Scroll on down past the spooky Halloween posts and check out the swag we have available as a thank you gift. Pick out your size, try it on, and then drop us an email with your pledge at

Today I want to share a couple of trailers for movies hopefully coming to a big screen near us (or at least the Twin Cities). Some of the best horror films to hit the big screens of late have originated outside the realm of Hollywood. The first film I am anxious to see comes to us from Norway (home of a film I highlighted last year during the countdown to Halloween, Dead Snow), and is called The Troll Hunter. As you will see in the trailer, there is a definite Blair Witch Project thing going on here. That doesn't always bode well for the end result, but boy oh boy if it is done right it can be scarier then h-e-double-hockey stick!! I'll let you watch the trailer and see what you think -

It looks pretty good, right? Now have a look at this quick little clip. How many times have you been out camping or walking in the woods at night and heard something making it's way through the forest? After seeing this clip I've decided that having Night Vision is not my cup of tea!

OH PLEASE MOVIE GODS DON'T LET THIS BE A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The last film I had high hopes for that was also a mock-doc was The Last Exorcism. I fell in love with the trailer, and I loved the film - until the last 5 minutes. What an epic failure!

The next film is called Monsters and comes to us from south of the border, Mexico. Check out this awesome poster for it.

Pretty sweet! This film was made on a shoe string budget, which means it isn't going to rely on CGI effects for it's scares, but hopefully good old fashioned storytelling. I found a review for the film that sets me up for disappointment but I will withhold my judgement until I've seen it. Aliens play the baddies in this one, and from the trailer it seems to be a bit of a District 9 / Cloverfield hybrid. Have a look -

Now let's all cross our fingers and whisper the film lovers prayer "Please don't let the trailer be better than the movie. Please don't let the trailer be better than the movie. Please don't let the trailer be better than the movie".

Be sure to set your alarm clock tonight for 6 a.m. tomorrow so that you can catch the morning show. The content of tomorrow's show is top secret, but I can tell you that we will be celebrating what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday, which falls on Saturday. It is going to be very special, and should not be missed!


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