Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Countdown Post # 14 w/Polka!

Tomorrow morning on Shuffle Function we celebrate Octoberfest with our annual Polka Til You Puke Show. KMSU played a lot of polka music back in the day, and Shyboy Tim and I have mined the vinyl vaults to bring you two hours of Minnesota's official party music - POLKA.

We began this our first year of hosting the morning show, and we have always featured live in-studio performances from Concertina Hall Of Famer Ambrose Kodet. This year will be no exception. The #1 Polka Fan will also be stopping in and humming some tunes with us - Maude Luskey. I can guarantee choruses of 'In Heaven There Is No Beer' and lots of laughs in the morning so be sure to set your alarm clocks folks!

Polka Til You Puke always ends the Shuffle Function portion of the Fall Pledge Drive, and so if you still have to make your pledge to KMSU, please be sure to pick up the phone and do your part. Support Community Radio Folks!

And now, how about some Halloween? Shaggs style!

Just like it doesn't feel like it's Christmas until you hear something from the Elvis Christmas Album, it just doesn't feel like it is Halloween until you hear the Shaggs sing 'It's Halloween'. Unfortunately there is no footage of the Shaggs performing known to exist. That doesn't mean it can't be found on you-tube though! You can hear it below.

I found this nosing around too - a cover version of The Shaggs!

These gals rocked and rolled - and they are just one of a hundred artists that you will hear only KMSU. Support that, won't you people?!! Pledge on the in-lines at or call us in the morning at 389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810.


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